Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The End of CBC??

For those of us who have wanted less crappy TV and more individual choice in cable programming, this is good news.

Does this mean the end of state sponsored television is in sight?

(One can only hope).

Monday, February 27, 2006

Saddam Ends Bluff (Deja Vu!), Eats, Returns to Court

Story from CBC (yeah, I know, but they provided this pic for a funny caption).

According to the CBC, dethroned Iraqi butcher-dictator-bluffmaster Saddam Hussein has resumed eating again, having failed to impress anyone with his ludicrous "hunger strike" in protest of his trial (really... shouldn't he be smugly pleased that he gets one whereas he never let anyone under his iron fist have one?)... due to health reasons. Eh? Health reasons? Isn't that irrelevant, since there's not much point in worrying about one's health if one's about to be hanged anyway?

"Er... your honor... I have removed a booger from my nose... may I please have a tissue? An' I gotta go peepee, too!"

Ah... now we know how he survived his "hunger strike". He had something to eat and drink the whole time! The cunning creep!

Cat Keeping You Amused Today

I am feeling rather under the weather today so my brain will not be utilized more than necessary. In the meantime, enjoy these video's put together by my buddy Cat.

No bones about it. This
video is sure to tickle your ribs.

No matter how bad your parallel parking is, this nifty
idea makes everyone a pro!

Yeah I know ... in 2006 it's in bad taste ... but it didn't taste bad then (if you're old enough to remember).

Tell me dear are you
wasted tonight.

Can you say shit disturber.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Making Fun of Osama

Click on the pic to enlarge for easier reading. Osama gets the least of what the stinking mountain goat deserves.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Difference Between Terrorists and Soldiers

See the difference? The guy in the Kaffiyeh is hiding behind the woman and the baby. The man on the right is protecting the woman and the baby.
Any questions?

Jacko Publishes New Book


Friday, February 24, 2006

Look, Bin Laden and Ahmadinejad, You Old Fools! No Burqha!

Yes, Deeyah is a lovely Muslim woman... who doesn't ever wear a burqha. Think of her as the Christina Aughilera of Islam. She's making waves, definitely.
Come see my post at TCS. More beautiful pics, a link to her latest, most provocative video ever, asserting equality for Muslim women and declaring Muslims have the right to freedom of expression. And rejecting the hated burqha!
My post really hits bloody hard at Islamotyranny and the fascist oppression of those like Bin Laden and Iran's Ahmadinejad. I really give 'em hell while praising the regular Muslim people of the Free World, our friends, for standing up for their liberties. This is what the Islamotyrants fear most: liberty. Hence I join Deeyah in standing up for liberty and equality for all, including Muslims, particularly the women.
Let's offer our full encouragement to Deeya!
She's a true warrior in the battle for liberty, democracy and equality. You go, Deeyah! You're the true freedom fighter!

Sicko Hubby Wanted Wifely Expectations Contract

If you are looking for some salacious reading this morning, check out this nutjob, Travis Frey. It may take a few minutes to read it all so make sure you have the time first because it's definitely worth the read.

One has to wonder why she married the guy in the first place, knowing what his "expectations" were.

Tell me what you thought of the article once you've read it. I suspect there will be some interesting comments on this story.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ralph's Way Still Underway

Did you enjoy Ralph's informercial? It took me about 2 minutes to figure out that was all it was - an informercial ... and not a particularly accurate one at that (did he actually say clean burning coal?? - yup, apparently so).

So what surprised you the most? For me, it wasn't what he said - it was what he didn't say. Like private insurance as Ralph's third way.

In fact, not only wasn't it mentioned in the informercial, it wasn't even mentioned in the legislature yesterday when Ralph tabled his spring programs and initiatives. Yet, pamphlets praising the merits of private insurance, and your ability to purchase such products, are being delivered to Albertan's door.

If you recall, the College of Physicians recently gave a stern warning to two Calgary doctors who were charging patients $4500 to get 24 hour service from them, which included house calls if warranted. The College stated that not only does it breach their conduct codes, but charging for these services are against the Canada Health Act -- at least for the present time.

The same goes for private insurance to cover health products covered under the Canada Health Act. Not allowed - at least for the present time.

While I am for the right for doctors to set up private clinics and charge patients for their services, I firmly believe that these fees can be paid for publically, if done the right way.

For example, the health regions are given a certain amount of dollars to work with every year. Yet, if you ask some of these very same regions how much it costs to run a bed in a hospital per annum, they couldn't tell you. Why? The don't pay attention because they get funding either way.

But what if they didn't get paid until the actually treated you? Do you think they would track their funds better? Of course. Do you think they would know almost to the penny how much it costs to run a bed in a hospital? You bet they would!

Another example is Albertan's who have special needs. These agencies are taxpayer funded yet they pick and choose who they will help and who they won't. Why? Because they get the funding anyway. So they really don't care if your loved one gets help.

But what if the special needs person got the money and then was able to pick and choose who they used for agencies? Think they would get better services? Of course!

So changing the way funding is done is just one way Albertan's can start to control spiralling health care costs, and it is just one of the many ideas the Alberta Alliance has to improve health care, yet keeping it publically funded and accessible to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

Keep this in mind when you compare Ralph's way to an Alberta Alliance way. Who has the better plan? I think you know.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Exposed Gets Advance Look At Ralph's 3rd Way

The brochure depicts a beautiful sand covered, sunny beach just for the two of you. The title says "Some things are worth waiting for...". Gosh, you think, what a great looking vacation spot. But you would be wrong!

For as you turn the page, the statement continues ... "access to medical services isn't one of them".

You soon realize that they aren't discussing vacations ... they are advertising for private health insurance, or better known as Ralph's "third way" for healthcare.

Say it isn't so Ralph!! Sadly, it appears to be true.

For those interested in a preview of Ralph's third way, here is a brief description insurance that you can purchase for over 125 "premium medical services".

So what are some "premium" services:
- heart bypass surgery
- angioplasty
- joint replacement
- cataracts
- CT Scans & MRI's
- 120 services more that aren't mentioned.

In fact, if you don't get service within 45 days, they will fast track you to the front of the line whether it is here or in the US.

For those who can afford private insurance, here are some benefits you will get:
- no wait lists
- world class facilities
- discretion and privacy
- minimally evasive procedures
- internationally recognized surgeons and specialists
- state of the art operating theatres and diagnostic equipment

For those who cannot afford private insurance, here are some benefits you will get:
- wait lists over 9 months long
- chances of dying before the majority of "premium medical issues" are performed
- surgeons and doctors who are overworked and lack proper equipment
- the quickest way to treat you, even if minimal evasion procedures are available.

So hang onto your wallet folks. Looks like Ralph's way will cost you - no matter whether you are rich or poor.

Tomorrow I will discuss the Alberta Alliance health care platform. It differs greatly from the Tory's third way, and is a much more pragmatic and sensible approach to health care.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Family Day

For many Albertans, we have the day off to spend with our families ... which is exactly what I plan on doing.

So for all those who don't get to enjoy today ... sorry about that (not really).

For us Albertan's.... just another great reason to live here!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Moonbat Publishes Jesus-Mohammed 'Gay' Cartoon. Where's The Uproar and Violence?

Read it for yourself here.

Hmm... this cartoon was published last Wednesday, depicting Jesus and Mohammed smooching, something which should be expected to enrage both Christians and Muslims, for it's quite blasphemous and offensive to devout members of both faiths.

The U of T campus paper wasn't pulled from circulation, nor was the cartoon pulled from the paper's website, despite the huge uproar over the Western Standard's publication of Mohammed cartoons and subsequent pulling of the magazine from shelves by retailers out of fear and political correctness.

But this cartoon, a gay-orientated one, mind y'all, is completely allowed and excused? What's up with that? Is offending the gay community by pulling the cartoon worse than offending two of the planet's largest faiths, one of whom is on a worldwide murderous rampage due to such cartoons as we speak?

Oh, wait! I found the offensive cartoon! You can't see Momo's face in the cartoon! But you can see Jesus. Now I get it! Apparently it's okay to offend Christians whereas one cannot offend Muslims? Leave it to a leftist university student to do something like this. I get it. Political correctness is more important than worrying about offending Christians. Never offend Islam; always attack Christianity... that seems to be a value held by the left. And why did the Ottawa Sun get me so worked up over this? Why do they assume the faceless individual is necessarily Momo? Hell, some folks will argue it could be an Islamic woman with a hairy back. The Ottawa Sun made me make a fool of myself. They didn't publish the cartoon. The pussies. I just thought to use Google and there it was.

Anyway, here's the cartoon:

BTW, what about tolerance towards Christians, too? How dare some stupid moonbat fool do a cartoon depicting Jesus as homosexual? That's very, very offensive and it should be pulled and a hate crime charge should be levied against all those responsible for this monstrosity. They're sooo fortunate that Christians don't believe in violence in response to offenses against their religion. They shouldn't have done this cartoon without also having the courage to show Momo's face! I now dare them to depict Mohammed, face visible, as a gay man! And send it to Mohammed Elmasry and to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. No way will they have the courage to do it. But I dare them anyway.

Double standard, I say. That's Canada for ya.

Toronto Sun: you bad! Me mad as hell! Don't be so bloody manipulative again. It makes you look just like the MSM!

Don't worry, folks; although a Christian myself, I'm not going to promote any kind of violence whatsoever in response to this. I have just done what I'm entitled to under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms: express myself freely. If that moonbat at the U of T can do it, so bloody well can I, without being slurred as a bigot of any kind.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

This Cartoon Says It All

Protest this!

Friday, February 17, 2006

In Order To Support Freedom Of The Press

Exposed presents these not so politically correct items:

If I missed offending your particular group, firstly get over yourself, then secondly, let me know! I wouldn't want to reoffend you by leaving your particular group off the list!

Terror Training Camp. In America. I Didn't Make This Up

Scary, doesn't it look? There's a citizen investigation ongoing into this. Go to The Canadian Sentinel and follow the links provided for the story, a new report on which is now available from the partnership of the Northeast Intelligence Network and the blog, "The Politics of CP".

You don't want to be in the dark about this. They're in Canada, too. I'm going to be doing investigative research into their activities here as well. So go click on the link above and see for yourself about the sinister Jamaat ul Fuqra terror organization.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Alberta Alliance Will Deliver On Free Votes

Do you know what a party whip is? If you aren't sure, here is the definition:

In politics, a whip is a member of a political party in a legislature whose task is to ensure that members of the party attend and vote as the party leadership desires.

The term originated in the Parliament of the United Kingdom and derives from the "whipper-in" at a fox hunt. Whip is also used to mean the voting instructions issued to members by the Whip.

So now that you know what a whip is, you begin to understand why your local representative votes the position of the party leader 100% of the time, or risk working out of the bathroom without even a window for some fresh air.

But as a citizen, is the position of your rep the same as yours? What if they are diametrically opposed (SSM for example). Would you really be getting true representation? Probably not.

As Canadians, we don't have much chance for change as long as whips are around. However, for Albertans, we have a choice.

The Alberta Alliance will ensure free votes for MLA's because we have placed a No Party Whip rule into our policies. This ensures that the grassroots ideology of serving the public, by voting based on the will of the people they serve - namely, their constituents, is not just lip service, but realized.

So while the Liberals and CPC boast about free votes, both parties possess party whips. And we all know what Party Whips are for!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Take Two Aspirin ... And Stop Drinking the Blue Koolaid

If I was an MP in the Conservative government these days, I would be keeping a large bottle of aspirin close by.

And if I was a diehard Tory supporter, I would stop drinking the blue koolaid.

For you see, this announcement by Canadian Press confirms a posting yesterday on TDH Strategies website that broke a story about civil servant Maryantonett Flumian being promoted by Stephen Harper.

This is the same gal you may recall who ran the gun registry into the ground, according to Conservatives anyway, and obviously an embarrassed Gary Breitkreuz, in particular.

Here is an excerpt from the press release:

OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper's promotion of a senior gun registry bureaucrat has put one of his MPs in a tough spot -- Gary Breitkreuz once blamed the civil servant for huge cost overruns.

"The transition team must have seen something under the hood that I didn't see," the Saskatchewan MP said yesterday.

But according to some blogging Tories who posted responses, it's actually a "demotion" and that the blogger who released the info is a blowhard Liberal who cannot be believed. And for that matter, if you believe the story, than you are a bigger fool than TDH.

Yes, well call me a fool! A fool for voting Tory perhaps.

I will be the first to tell people that I had alot of hope that Harper would change things. So far though, all he has done is alienate certain MP's with embarrassing cabinet and service positions, disrespect the democratic electoral process he once professed was sorely needing reform, and virtually ignore the press so that Canadians haven't a clue what the heck he is doing as PM.

Let's hope when the house finally sits we see a different side of Harper because I sure am not liking the version being presented right now!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Democracy Lesson Needed For Everyone

All politicians are basically cut from the same cloth. Even David Emerson, who says he really is just a "corporate guy" and is flabbergasted by all the ruckus.

That's because he, along with thousands of other Canadians, think we live in a democracy, which Canada is anything but.

To review, democracy is defined as "the free and equal right of every person to participate in government, done by voting for someone to represent your interests".
(Let's hope David now get's it and enjoys his last foray into politics in Vancouver.)

So what about your democratic rights in this parliamentary system that we have. Are you any better off??

Sadly, without reforms, you still have very few rights, even the right to have your vote count!

Regardless of your political persuasian, it's a fact that our political and social institutions are in need of an overhaul. In fact, the system has grown more dysfunctional over the years; and one that all parties seem reluctant to change, especially once they obtain power.

If you think about it, every other sector of society has changed except our federal and provincial political institutions. Instead of coming into the 22nd century with a government that gives Canadians a system of true democratic representation, they continue to govern as if it was 1875 and use the "first past the post" system which concentrates power in Ottawa, leaving the provinces to fight it out over funding and autonomy to run the programs they are responsible for.

We know obsessed leaders are bad for any democracy, yet we have done little to create the policies required to ensure the power is not usurped from the people in favour of political expediency or awarded as gestures to longtime lobbyists and friends.

We also know that an unelected legislature isn't democracy, and yet we leave our Senate and Courts unelected and allow one man (PM) to decide the future of all Canadians by stacking the senate and courts with friends and those who have contributed richly to his reign as King of Canada.

We know that the word accountability to politicians is a joke, as was evidenced in the Gomery Inquiry, yet we leave the Auditor General powerless and do not have any policies in place to hold them accountable for the flow of money from your pockets into theirs.

If anything, this election has shone a flood light onto the wholly undemocratic process by which cabinet ministers and senate positions are selected and the means by which constituents lose the only democratic right they have left - which is to vote for someone to represent them.

So what can you do? You can start by sending everyone you know to Fireweed Democracy so that they can educate themselves on what democracy is, why we lack it as Canadians, and what we can do as citizens to create the kind of government that we want.

Do what you can today. Our future generations are depending on us!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Saddam's Girly-Man Fashion Show

Brought to you by The Canadian Sentinel...

Above: Saddam Hussein makes grand entrance into court, proudly modelling his latest ensemble: an oversized black blazer over a long grey skirt, complete with a pair of slippers and accessorized with a nice fancy purse. Isn't he just lovely?

Above: Saddam says, "Now, you will look at this slide show of my other outfits or you will die." Boy, what gall... still thinks he can dictate... to the judge. Sigh... well, they decided to humor him as he's going to be shot anyway... so here are the slides he showed of himself. Be sure you're not drinking anything, lest you spray your beverage all over your PC.

Above: Saddam models his lingerie for a tabloid

Above: Saddam in a swimsuit competition. He lost.

Above: Saddam shows off a satin football uniform. His supper is in the background, to the left.

Above: Saddam modelling a wedding gown. Looks like he's waiting for Osama.

Saddam as himself. He hopes to negotiate for popcorn in addition to the beer.

Seriously though, here's the latest antics of the pathetic loser in court.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Whatever Happened to the Democrats?... Video

Once upon a time...

Those were the guys back then. They, at least, stood up to evil.

Today, however...

What happened?

See video at RightWinged.com

A new post brought to you by The Canadian Sentinel

Friday, February 10, 2006

Fun Stuff Friday

Schwing ... there went another work week. And the perfect way to cap it off -- Fun Stuff Friday of course!!

Wait ... the fun hasn't ended yet. Check this out. Gosh, I wasn't even this flexible when I could touch my toes!

This commercial will certainly appeal to all you "manly" men.

Even if you don't like kitties, you will find this video funny.

That's all for today folks. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Do Your Part For Democracy

You haven't had your complete say until you sign the petition. It's currently at 4700 and growing.

Do your part and stand up for democracy -- and the end of unethical practices -- today folks!

If you don't -- then who will??

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Democracy and Ethics? More Like Hypocrisy and Chutzpah

Democracy is defined in the dictionary as "the free and equal right of every person to participate in a system of government, often practiced by electing representatives of the people by the people".

Canada is supposed to be a democratic society. So is democracy what the good folks of Vancouver-Kingsway got when Emerson pulled a "Belinda"?.

Duff Conacher from Democracy Watch noted that "Harper's choice illustrates a serious error in judgment and proves Harper is the same brand of hypocritical politician that he heavily criticized throughout the campaign".

"I think Stephen Harper has shot himself in the foot on his first day as prime minister. And possibly even shot himself in the head in terms of his pledge to be a more ethical government," Conacher said.

Harper doesn't think it was a problem, although he has been quoted saying, “We do not go out of our way to romance MPs to cross the floor. Liberals will do anything to win. We try to create a principled party and going about it in a principled way. We are cautious about party-jumping because it creates cynicism it and if they jump once, you are not sure they will not jump again. I will always handle that with extreme caution.”

In fact, Emerson himself felt differently about Harper and the Conservatives last week, before the choice cabinet post of course.

Some prominent blogging pundits see nothing wrong with the defection; although it behooves them to explain to those of us who value democracy why it's not okay for one side to do it (Stronach), but because they can see an apparent strategy behind Harper's that it is okay?? I won't call you out to save you embarrassment, but you know who you are .... and I call you a hypocrites. And you guys complain about Eastern voters.

But more to the point, these bloggers miss the real issue. At what price is democracy for sale?? and for whose benefit?? (in case you have forgotten what democracy stands for, see meaning above).

Directly opposing the will of the people is autocracy, not democracy.

Exposed condems this type of behaviour in all politicians. You were elected by the people in your riding so represent them or step aside.

Of course, this is a perfect example of how electoral reforms, such as recall, are required if this country is to survive intact. But at least now we know why Harper watered down his electoral reforms policies.

Humble pie anyone?

Monday, February 06, 2006

CPC Surpasses Expectations

It sure didn't take the CPC long before we started to see shades of Liberal tactics come out. I figured they would take some time to look "squeaky clean" before pulling a "Liberal".

Well, sheeet ... imagine my surprise to find out it only took
5 seconds! Talk about Liberal lite bs. Talk about the constituents in that riding being taken by somone who knew that he wasn't going to be representing them as presented. What chutzpah.

You know, Exposed predicted this type of incident way back on January 1 during my New Year observations. If I recall, my new years observations included
this little diddi .. "Stephen Harper's version of Liberal Lite became predominently clear. I'm not impressed. If he has to sell himself out, then why bother calling yourself a Conservative".

Hmmm... I wonder if
David Orchard is having a good laugh and telling people "I told you so".

Friday, February 03, 2006

It's All About Boring Canada You Say??

I say your full of doo doo.

The biggest reason for the drop of 30% in American tourists over the past 5 years from the GTA?? How about
this or this or perhaps this.

So while you all have fun insulting Americans, stop complaining that they don't want to spend money in your city anymore.

Here's a tip: if you want tourism to increase, why don't you try being friendly instead of rude and arrogant.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mr. Wasjman Responds

Imagine my surprise to find my post about Mr. Wasjman's leadership bid being responded to by none other than Mr. Wasjman. An article I read in the Calgary Sun the other day mentioned that Mr. Wasjman was entering the leadership race for the Liberal Party.

Here, in his own words, is Mr. Wasjman's response:

"You are quite right. It is not the Liberal party that is interesting nor worth defending. It is he idea of industrial liberalism as the great force for individual expression and opportunity. My admiration for Trudeau stems from the fact that with the Charter he attempted to inculculate in Canadians a respect for their own individual consequence. He made every single one of us sovereign over any demands of the state or any collectivity. He changed Canada from a Parliamentary to a Constitutional democracy.

That message is at the heart of a true liberal agenda. We've got to make sure it takes hold in our spirits.

The idea of liberalism was put most succintly by a great "radical" in 1911. He said that the role of liberal government was,“To raise people up from poverty. To reconcile private interests with public rights. To attack monopoly. To reward enterprise, but not with untrammeled privilege and preference. To exalt the individual over ruler or regulation. To expand freedom at home and abroad. This is our liberalism. This is the signature of our society.” That radical was none other than Winston Spencer Churchill who spoke as Minister of Social Welfare in the Liberal Asquith government which he was a part of between his two Tory eras.

We need to get back to those basics. Cheers".


"PS: I've announced an exploratory national committee by the way. My decision will be made in April. But I'll be happy to receive your comments at info@iapm.ca"

Editor Note: You can check out Beryl's radio program,"The Last Angry Man" on 940 News on Sunday's between 12:00 and 2:00 pm (eastern time).

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" - Sir Winston Churchill.

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