Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Important Info on Iran's War Intentions

Here's some recommended reading. From the Northeast Intelligence Network. Read it all to understand the context of the following excerpts.
Excerpts (all emphasis mine):

Execution of the Iranian War Plan:
Attack the US and the UK with massive waves of suicide bombers. These attacks will be followed by massive use of Iranian missile borne WMD.


It has been widely published that Hassan Abbasi is on record as saying: "There are 29 sensitive sites in the US and the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them... Iran's missiles are now ready to strike Western targets, and as soon as the instructions arrive from Ali Khamenei, we will launch our missiles at their cities and installations."These attacks will come against the US and the UK. In fact, they will target the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel because as Abbasi has said these nations "are all the children of the same mother" meaning the United Kingdom.

Notice that Canada is a target of Iranian Jihad. Involving homicide bombers. And "missile borne WMD". And the left is so vehemently opposed to ballistic missile defense? Oh, shit. Shit.
That's scary.

Toronto Liberal Hidden Agenda

So who is it that REALLY has a hidden agenda??

Why none other than the Liberals. You know, the ones who said Western Canadians were from the "dark side" with hidden agenda's.

Wanna talk scary with hidden agenda ... try on newly elected Toronto Liberal MP Omar Alghabra.

The only thing we can be grateful for is ... well - nothing. Of course, he will learn all the ins and outs of PH, along with security features not just for PH, but for our leaders and who knows what for military secrets.

Couldn't find a better place to stick a terrorist now could ya. WTG Toronto!! Hope you're proud!

This article is a MUST read. Click on any of the links and you will find very quickly that terrorists have made their way into Canadian Parliament.

(Touque tip to Neale News)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Exposing the Agenda of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Yes, that's right: the "VLWC" for short. If Hillary Clinton could get away with alleging a "VRWC" against her hubby "Bubba" or "Slick Willy" Bill when his perverted Oval Office agenda with a certain "that woman... Miss Lewinsky" was exposed, and when it was exposed that he had exposed himself to a certain what-was-her-name, surely it's fair to dub the leftist groups as a whole the "VLWC". For they seem to always be singing from the same page, no matter what the issue.
Whatever their leftist leadership and the left-leaning MSM tell them is their position will therefore be their position, almost without exception. Then they join in a virtual conspiracy against all who take a different position than does the left.
We don't see this sort of conspiracy amongst conservatives, for it's well-known that we permit a variety of points of view under our huge umbrella representing a great diversity of folks who are or vote Conservative/Republican and all that.
For some evidence right now of leftist groups conspiring to do something really, really stupid and foolish, see "Protesters plan to drown out Bush's speech". Stupid groups, stupid slogans, and making as much noise as possible, including using pots and pans, outside of the venue of the State of the Union Address are all planned. For heaven's sake... do leftists believe in free speech or not? Oh, it's ok for leftists to say whatever the hell they want, but they won't let a democratically-elected President give a very important address?
There we have it, folks: Exposed: the agenda of the left is to drown out the expression of all who hold viewpoints which may differ from their own dogmatic ones. Makes me think of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in which the Chinese Communist regime actually killed people for expressing their desire for liberty, democracy and human rights. Is this where the left is headed? Scary moonbats, they! And they accuse conservatives of being scary? Hoo-boy!

Alberta Alliance Town Hall Meeting Reminder

Just wanted to remind everyone of the Town Hall tomorrow on January 31st at the Radisson Hotel, 2120 16th Ave. N.E.

For further information please view the website @ www.albertaalliance.com or contact Mike McCracken at mccracken@sprint.ca or 403-230-4080.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Photoshop Jack Layton Style

Have a look at Rick Mercer's Blog.

Mercer hosted a photoshop contest. The contestants had to manipulate a picture Mercer selected, which happened to be of Jack Layton in one of his leadership poses.

A few contestants cropped some funny and impressive prints - like the one posted here for your viewing enjoyment.

Friday, January 27, 2006

A Look at Al Gore

Hello, everyone. Here's my first posting at Exposed. A big thanks to Aizlynne for having me. I'm truly honored.

So what to do? I'm sure you've heard about former US Democratic VP Al Gore's recent smearage of our new Prime Minister Stephen Harper, making (surprise, surprise) unfounded claims against Mr. Harper and the Conservatives (see also the smalldeadanimals post).

I thought I'd provide some photographs I found of Mr. Gore to help illustrate what kind of individual he is. Here we go:

Above: Al Gore was unable to accept his 2000 election loss to Dubya

Above left: Gore, cleanshaven, recently, unexpectedly and unstatesmanlike, rips into newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Above right: Gore in an earlier photograph, with his beard. Apparently he likes to climb trees. Guess everyone needs to do what comes naturally...

Above: Gore doing something else that comes naturally, again in a tree. A Secret Service agent watches. Looks like he's waiting for his turn to go behind the tree.

Above: Gore following a particularly big, particularly spicy Mexican meal.

Above: apparently Gore shares a lot in common with former boss Bill Clinton. Here he says hello to Hillary Clinton. They certainly have "feelings" for each other, as you can see.

So... that's Al Gore. Hope y'all enjoyed the show!

Exposed Predicted This Outcome

I don't profess to possess psychic powers, but I found it strange that, at the time the Adscam hearings broke lose on the internet (courtesy of Captain's Quarters Blog), a Trudeau lovin Liberal would be interested in speaking to a Conservative blogger about how terrible the Liberals under Paul Martin were? At the time, I posted to Captain that this guy was going to take a run at the Lib party leadership. Why else slam another Lib for pete sakes.

That was none other than Beryl Wajsman, who has now publicly announced that he will be taking a shot at the Liberal leadership. He hopes of restore the true "liberalness" of the party, which he says has been lost on the last generation of Liberals.

Wasjman, who was "banned" from the Liberal Party for life by Paul Martin, never hid his contempt for Paul Martin. His supporters didn't either and found a warm welcome in the arms of alot of Conservative bloggers and assorted pundits during this last election.

Will he win?? He certainly has some high profile backers, including Warren Kinsella, who along with Wasjman are "old time Liberals". If he is in it for the right reasons -- passion to change the country for the better -- he may get a strong following.

His achilles heel? The days of Trudeau are gone, and while that may appeal to some Liberals, it won't appeal enmasse to most Canadians I predict, especially Western Canadians - who vividly remember a bird flippin, carbon tax implementing PM who devasted the West for a decade. This, in my opinion, will result in his not being elected leader. They will want someone who has more appeal to Canadians at large.

Mr. Wasjman's contribution to the political process is to be respected. After all, not everyone is interested in jumping into the political fray, nor do they have the tenacity to stick with it as Mr. Wasjman has. I wish him the best of luck!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Welcome Canadian Sentinel

Please join me in welcoming Steve, from The Canadian Sentinel.
Steve is going to lend his talents to Exposed Agenda and give us his insights - from a conservative New Brunswicker's perspective.

We hope you find his posts insightful, humourous and thought provoking - and without a hidden agenda!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Red, Blue & Green

My congratulations to Mr. Harper on a hard fought victory. He will certainly be a better Prime Minister than Martin, just based on the fact that Martin went into it solely for power, whereas Harper's desire was to change the country for the better. I think most of us would agree that the later is a much preferred reason for entering politics - regardless of your political stripe.

I thought I would share with my readers an overview of the way Canadians voted. Were they really red? or blue? or somewhere in between? The numbers will spell out the truth for all to see.

Cape Breton - NS

LIB - 21,428
CON - 9,741
Ready for Tories? Nope.

Tobique-Mactaquac - NB

LIB - 15,869
CON - 15,615
Equally divided. I would have thought that NB'ers would be more ready considering the fast one Paul Martin tried to pull on them with the oil royalties. At least 50% of them remembered, but not enough to punish the Libs.

Louise-Herbert - PQ

CON - 20,154
BQ - 20,051
Ditto as above. For those who doubted my guess of 10 seats ... well - I won't gloat, but na na na na na ..!! Of course we all know they are protest votes and will go back to being Liberals when the get someone new into the leadership slot.

Scarborough - ON

LIB - 23,332
CON - 11,522
Close?? Not a chance. Solid red in Toronto. The other districts brought in similar numbers.

Thunder Bay - ON

LIB - 13,983
CON - 13,575
Another split. As was evidenced by much of Northern Ontario (see Kenora below)

Kenora - ON

LIB - 9,465
CON - 8,429
NDP - 8,109
Talk about splitting the left. I suspect this represents alot of pissed off Libs who voted NDP.

Calgary SW - AB (Harper's riding)

CON - 41,549
LIB - 6,573
Pretty obvious by these numbers how Calgarian's feel about the Conservatives. Riding after riding was no different -- huge gaps between parties.

Vancouver Centre - BC
LIB - 22,373
NDP - 11,264
CON - 6,385
Red as Ontario. And their 2nd choice?? NDP. Geesh - don't they remember what happened to that province the last time they voted NDP?? Of course, the city wasn't as impacted as rural areas so that would be part of the reason. But there is no faster way to drive away your economy and put your province into immediate slum status then to vote NDP (in my opinion [from past experience and witnessing the BC interior's slide from an oasis to a desert island]).

So there you have it my friends. A country as passionate about their position and as the numbers show, also as divided politically.

Monday, January 23, 2006

What Can I Say ....

... except GET OUT AND VOTE for goodness sakes!!

Peace, love and Toryhood on January 24th!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blogger Gathering Smashing Success According to This Girl

Mike from Project Alberta kicks things off by drinking the 1st of many recycling products. To his left are Katie from Albertans for Responsible Gov't (NCC Alberta arm) and Darcey, from Dust My Broom.

Richard, our host, chats it up with Huck from Bumfonline, while Katie gets an upset stomach when someone mentioned Liberal minority on Monday.

Greg, from Exposed Agenda, shows off his very best stache impression of Jack Layton. In the back to the right is competitor Sycrorax from Hell Bent fame, who was runner up.

Our boy in blue, Johnny Pockets from Gods and Artists does his best to convey his heartfelt sentiments to the folks from GTA.

Al R. (on the right) came down from Edmonton to help celebrate the end of Liberal dictatorship. Here he discusses the merits of separation with Huck (on the left) and Shane (front right) from Cyrano's Steel.

Greg and Kevin from the Western Standard (below) got into a lively discussion with Ken (photo on right)about all kinds of political issues. With the federal election so close, it was hard not too!

The festivities wrapped up for Greg and I about 9:00, but Katie, Darcey, Johnny and Ken stayed behind. We got the sneaking suspicion that it may have had something to do wtih karoke and table dancing, but it's just a theory!

I can't speak for the others, but I had a great time and thought the day was a smashing success! I met lot's of new friends who are bright, unabashedly patriotic, and taught this gal many new things!

Thanks again to my buddy Richard at Cannuckistan Chronicles for his hospitality and generosity, and also to Mike @ Project Alberta and Darcey for picking up part of our tab at stop #2.

Can't wait till next time!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Last Call Out!!

Want to do your part for the environment? Need a recycling incentive??

Come have a beer with us today and recycle the waste on to PM and the Liberals! (Now how is that for forward thinking -- and environmental awareness!!).

Last call out to all in the Calgary blogging community ..... 2nd annual blogger get together, compliments of Cannuckistan Chronicles, is happening today at the Ranchmans's on MacLeod Trail.

Starts at 1:00 and goes to 5:00 (or later). Promises to be intellectually stimulating, and fun to boot!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Alberta Alliance Town Hall

On the heels of our exciting leadership convention, we are thrilled to announce that our newly elected leader, Paul Hinman, will be in Calgary on January 31st for a town hall. Part of the discussion will be the future of Alberta from his perspective and our role within confederation. He will also be hosting a Q&A afterwards.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to meet with like-minded Conservatives, and join a growing number of Albertans looking for real Conservatives in gov't, with real Conservative values!

If your a member or just thinking about becoming a member, we would love to see you there!

Here are the particulars that you will need:

The Radisson Hotel
2120 16th Ave. N.E. Calgary, AB
Northeast corner of 16th Ave. and 19th Street NE
(For those of us long term Calgarians, it used to be the Crossroads Hotel.)

For further information please view the website @ www.albertaalliance.com or contact Mike McCracken at mccracken@sprint.ca or 403-230-4080.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Best Ad of the Election

This is the best ad - hands down!

(Touque tip to Fastpuppy)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blogger Roundup

It's another installation of blogger roundup, brought to you in whole by Exposed Agenda.

(Note: no Blogging Tories nor CPC members covertly overtook this blog in order to beat Election Canada rules.)

Gayle from Let Our Voices Be Heard is a no nonsense gal who lives in Alberta's sister province - Texas. Gayle offers those travelling the blogsphere a unique perspective that only a patriot lovin Republican can offer. And she actually takes an interest in Canadian politics! (Better not let on to Rick Mercer that she's in the know!)

Kim hosts the Western Canadian Separation blog from the heart of Saskatchewan, Luseland. Kim's reason for blogging?? She says, " This site is a way for me to unleash my reasoning onto things that people are doing that I think are totally stupid." Unleash away Kim!

Downtown Conservatives are a group of brash young Conservatives who, you'll never guess it - live in downtown Edmonton! Being Conservative in one of the only Liberal ridings in Alberta gives them a unique perspective and I am sure provides much fodder for their blog.

The Canadian Sentinnel is run by a minority group out of New Brunswick, called the CPC. Sentinnel's blog covers everything from politics in general, to what it's like being a Conservative on the East Coast. And heaven knows we could use more Conseratives on the East Coast!

Please drop by and say hi to these fine folks. I know they appreciate your support!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Profile Schmofile

Jamie at Crittermusings has tagged me again ... this time with a rather interesting spin.

You see - Jamie knows I have a hankerin for all things paranormal, and decided that I just HAD to go here for a free astrological profile.

So after inputting all my info, this is what it had to say about me:

You are a person of extremes, very sensitive and desirous of attachment. There is some attraction to the occult or to psychic phenomena. You are active in the sense that there is a psychological struggle going on inside you between the positive and negative poles-those of affirming and satisfying or rejecting and repressing.

You are very intense in your feelings and remain passionately attached to the person you love. Similarly, when you dislike someone you are very fixed in that feeling. However, there is room for optimism in that: whatever type you may happen to be, there exists a desire deep in your inner self for psychic regeneration.

I would say this sounds a little like me. Of course, when you input your own profile, you get much more info than the tibit I shared with you here.

This time, I have decided to tag Canadian Sentinel, who I think is under the mistaken impression that because he lives on the East Coast, he successfully can bypass these tag games ... well - not anymore!

Monday, January 16, 2006

1 Week To Go!!

Hey Paulina - - can ya feel it??

Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Thought For Edmonton Centre Voters

When Ms. McLellan, Deputy Prime Minister, was asked by an astute reporter whether or not Mr. Martin had informed her of his decision to pull the nothwithstanding clause from the Charter, she replied "No".

Many of those who support the Liberals claim that their experience in running the gov't, just like a business, is the reason they should be re-elected. Who, they say, would hire someone with no experience (ie Stephen Harper)?

To that I say, what CEO would make a dramatic change to company policy without informing their right hand person, Anne McLellan?? Just wouldn't happen in a well run organization. CEO's would never make policy change on the fly or they wouldn't be CEO's for long.

And if they didn't inform their right hand person of policy change, it's because either that person is on their way out ... or that their opinion is of no value so they are not consulted on policy, and decision making is done without their input or approval.

So is Anne McLellan really the dynamo and as influential as she portrays herself to be? Obviously not. This incident makes it crystal clear exactly what Paul Martin thinks of Anne McLellan. She has no value other than being a woman and from Alberta.

And if this is the way the Liberals do "business", then they aren't very ethical, and they are terribly disorganized ... and despite her best protests, Ms. McLellan is of little influence for any Albertan when it comes to federal politics.

(Toque tip to Candace @ Planet X for logo)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Liberal Pissin Party

OMG - are we in for some fun or what??

Just reminding everyone of our election kickoff party next Saturday, January 21st at the Ranchman's on MacLeod Trail, sponsored by Cannuckistan Chronicles. It's going to be a blast! Honestly, could you have thought of a better way for the Libs to come crashing down then the way they have!!

All I gotta say is I am super excited about electoral reforms, and will be mightly pissed at Stephen Harper if he goes back on his word. One of the first things he needs to do is set the next election date within 60 days of his taking office.

But that discussion is for another day. Today, we party and lift our hind legs onto the Liberals!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Liberal Ad Haiku's Continue

I have really been enjoying those of you who have been preparing your own haiku's in response to those nasty ads put together by the Liberal Party and CBC voiceover employee's.

One definitely worth checking out is Richard's at
Cannuckistan Chronicles. As you will see, he is getting really good at flash, thanks to Cory @ Project Alberta.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

From Mundane ... to Mayhem

Today, I thought I would appeal to the left side of your brain, and source out some news from near and far. Check out these stories:

Ticket Price Includes Dirty Talk. Seems this gal has a penchant for voyeuristic dialogue on crowded subways. Gosh... most riders are usually just happy to get a seat!

Rejection Upsets Ex. Honest .. this guy never saw it coming.

When His Friends Called Him An Idiot, Why Didn't He Believe

Oops ... did I say I was bulimic and a coke freak?? Well then ... I'm appalled!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I Loved It, Yeah Yeah Yeah

Greg took me to see Rain, the Beatles Tribute Band, last night as part of my birthday present.

I must say that I really enjoyed the show. It's weird in a way, because you are going to a play ... that's a rock concert.

The actors performed a variety of songs from the Beatles anthology, and dressed in appropriate garb, depending upon the period of time that they were playing.

Both Greg and I thought we got value for the money ($40/ticket for a 2.5 hour show). They were entertaining, although not totally captivating ... but nonetheless got us involved in many of their songs; they played the roles well.. even down to "Ringo" holding up those banner signs that he actually did while on concert; and they had a visually entertaining video montage of actual Beatle footage, combined with their own photo's and videos.

All in all, I would highly recommend seeing them if they come to you part of town. The only warning I can give you is that you have GOT to like the Beatles... cause that's all they play!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And The Debate Winner Is

Here is Exposed Agenda's official tally of the leader's debate. And the winner is:

Stephen Harper - for the nicest tie. It matched his Trudeau style hankey (a rose would have been too obvious) and the colour of his eyes.

But he gets last place on the hair style. Come on Steve ... can't you change it up a bit?? You gotta meet my hubby Greg - you two have alot in common when it comes to boring, never changing hairstyles.

In 2nd place came Jack Layton - for having the trimest and neatest moustache.

And, might I add, for looking way less dorky than he obviously did in high school!

3rd place went to Gilles Duceppe - for being a useless 3rd wheel.

At least he bitch slapped Martin around the room several times so it wasn't a total loss.

In last place, Paul Martin - for using extra strength super deduper Polygrip to keep his top plate in place.

Paul - would you like to take some advice from someone who is actually truthful and trustworthy??

Get those teeth implants. After all, I am sure that is the reason why so much bullshit is coming from your mouth these days .. those damn dentures are slipping.

Trust me Paul, after the 23rd you'll have lot's of time to recover from the surgery.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Ever Have ....

........ one of those days when you can't think of anything worthy of posting to your fellow bloggers..... yup - I'm having one of those days.

Are you going to watch the debate?? I will until I can't hack it anymore. So on that note ... a few jokes of a political nature to tickle your fancy.

Last chance to watch Martin sweat live and almost in person ... (check out those teeth too - can someone PLEASE call him a Denturist!)

Enjoy the debate tonight!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Olympic's Deserve Better

I read this article , with a tinge of sadness.

Frankly, I can't understand why Turin, Italy is having trouble selling out Olympic venue tickets.

I recall in Calgary 1988, even as a local, with lot's of advance notice, I had trouble getting venue tickets. Within the first 10 days of tickets going on sale, all the high profile venues were sold out.

Of course, little did I know at the time that the tickets I was lucky enough to score (ski jump and bobsled) would turn out to be two of the biggest stories to come out of the Calgary Olympics.

You remember Eddie the Eagle?? He was that crazy guy from England who had absolutely no formal training and decided he was going to jump off of 90 metre ramps like these:

Another team that captured the spirit and heart of the 1988 Olympics was the Jamaican Bobsled Team. These guys trained at home on sand of all things!

It was their first venture into the winter games, and although they placed last, they won the hearts of many Calgarians. In fact, a movie was done about the team that starred John Candy as their coach.

For me, the 1988 Calgary Olympic games were an absolute success. And one that I have yet to see be repeated since.

Perhaps it was the flood of locals who helped out any way they could -- whether it be through volunteering, or opening up their homes to athletes & their families. Perhaps it was the way we all joined together to create a lasting legacy for our City. Probably a little bit of everything.

So shame on Italy for not embracing the spirit of these games and for missing a wonderful opportunity to have the Olympics showcase their country for the world to see.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Fun Stuff Friday

It's been awhile since Exposed has done Fun Stuff Friday. Well the wait is over.

I am absolutely positive you will get a good laugh watching
this video clip.

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Exposed Exposes Her Weirdness

I've been tagged by Jamie @ Crittermusings as well as Ed @ Robot Guy AND Debris Trail at Celestial Junk.

It must be obvious from my posts that I am considered weird by many!

So, much to their delight, I will post 5 things considered weird about Aiz. In order to get a good assessment, I thought I would ask those who live with me to tell me what they thought were my weirdest traits. So here they are, in no particular order:

1) My laugh. It's rather meniacle in sound and can carry across a room. A combination of cackling and guffawing would be the best way to describe it. Probably learned this from one of my favorite actors, Vincent Price.

2) I'm a clean freak. Not to an obsessive compulsive degree or anything ... but I am always putzing at home cleaning something. I wouldn't categorize this as weird, but Greg does.

3) I believe in the paranormal. Topics of interest to me are hauntings, poltergeist activity, and mediumship. I have dabbled in numerology, and at one time, read tarot cards. One of my favourite holidays is Halloween.

4) I can listen to a song 2 or 3 times and have most of the words memorized. Of course, I am partial to rock and jazz so those are the tunes I listen to most.

5) I hang out with the likes of Richard from Cannukistan Chronicles ... now how weird is that!!

Tag outs to:
Canadian Sentinel
Spiderman's Web
Either Orr
Let Our Voices Be Heard; and Cannuckistan Chronicles of course!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Blogger Roundup Redux - 2006 Election Party

Calling all Calgary and area bloggers .........

Mark January 21st on your calendar for the 2006 Election Kickoff Party, sponsored by none other than Richard of Cannuckistan Chronicles.

Prepare for some fun as we kick up our heels and celebrate the continuing downward spiral of the Liberal Party of Canada, and their eventual demise on January 23.

We will also be celebrating King Ralphie's eventual descent from the throne of Alberta and to praise his stickhandlers for ducktaping his mouth during the later part of the election.

The event of the year for sure ... and not to be missed.

Meet us at the Ranchman's on MacLeod Trail & 99th Ave S in Calgary. Festivities get underway around 1:00 and continue until Richard runs out of money... or credit, whichever first occurs!

RSVP Richard or myself asap as seating in the freebie section will be limited.

Political Bias Showing At The Globe

While cruising around the web today, I came across an article from Marketing Reporter, Keith McArthur from the "Globe & Minion".

In it, he refers to a new "scathing" ad attack on Paul Martin by the CPC and quotes an obviously biased Liberal supporter over at Queens University.

"This is certainly one of the most negative ads I've seen in a long time and by far the blackest of the black in this election campaign," said Jonathan Rose, a political studies professor at Queen's University. "It reminds me of some of the most virulent negative ads in the United States."

Curious, of course, I went and found the ad

Okay ... I am confused. Are we looking at the same ad?? Negative?? Blackest of the black?? Geez buddy, you're more of a drama queen than my 16 year old daughter!

Truthful?? Yup. And, to be honest, I enjoyed it. Certainly didn't "scare" me.
Besides, if the Liberals are going to run on their performance, then the opposition teams have every right to bring up the scandals.

Wouldn't you agree?

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" - Sir Winston Churchill.

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