Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Sad Day for Exposed

I was just a little lass of 6 when the cutest boy I ever saw came across the movie screen. That was it! I was in love, and was determined to remain so until I was old enough to marry him.

Of course, it wasn't just me who was madly in love with Jack and this fantasy ... just about every little girl who saw Jack on the screen was!

Sadly, my dream, along with millions of little girls' dreams came to an end with the death of Jack Wild.

My first memory of this cutiepie was when he starred in Oliver. So cute he was that I ended up seeing the movie 3 times before my brothers and sisters wouldn't take me anymore!!

So imagine my delight to find him on TV 2 years later on HR Pufnstuf. Known as a psychedelically strange show, it made many references to the reefer culture, which was predominent in the early 70's. At my age, of course, the inuendos went right over my head, thankfully.

As I grew older and Pufnstuf went off the air, I lost track of Jack and his career, which was never as successful in adulthood as it was in childhood (unfortunately a truth for many child actors).

Luckily, I found a copy of HR Pufnstuf at the Blockbuster last year for a steal ... only $0.99 ... so I can always go back down memory lane anytime I choose.

But today is indeed a sad day for this little girl -- and many other little girls who have lost their "first love".

I think a watching of HR is in order today! God's speed Jack.


At Thu. Mar. 02, 07:11:00 p.m. MST, Blogger Canadian Sentinel said...

Is that him in the middle pic, the guy in the hat? That guy looks a lot like "Uncle Leo" from Seinfeld, doesn't he?

Never saw the movie myself... 'twas probably on cable, which we didn't get 'till '84...

Speaking of '70s shows, I wonder when they're gonna do reruns of "Wonder Woman"? Though I was just a little guy then, I had the hugest crush on that awesome amazon! Xena, too... and Buffy, Sidney Bristow... now I've a thing for Catherine Willows on "CSI"...

TV has pretty much become full of crap lately... "reality shows"... yukky. Those five really strange guys who tell regular guys how to dress and all that (yeah, right; like they'll take the advice once the episode's finished; sure)... shows with people who eat live bugs and flame-roasted equine tallywhackers and ani of swine for big bucks...

No wonder I'm on the PC far, far more than I'm on the telly...

Awww... ya got me going, Aiz... I really should be hitting the hay about now, so I don't yawn all day at work tomorrow...


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