Friday, March 10, 2006

Blogger Roundup

Friday is always a pleasant day to visit neighbours and say howdy since the pace of the day is typically slower and people more cordial. So please take a moment to stop by and say hello to some new blogging friends of Exposed.

Brian's Blog offers readers a variety of political and environmental topics, and even some lighthearted topics, such as today's funny mastercard commercials.

Here is what Brian has to say about himself, "I am one of those people who cares about environmental stewardship, probably due to my rural background, but also about fiscal conservatism. I promise my posts won't be entirely political though".

Gayle at Let Our Voices Be Heard is a witty gal who hails from the Lone Star State, Texas.

Gayle's blog is sure to entertain. If you are interested in the humourous side of politics and worldly issues, splashed with a dash of Gayle's no-nonsense approach to life, then make Gayle part of your daily read.

Please lend your support to fellow bloggers by taking a second to stop by and say hello. I know they appreciate it!


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