Friday, March 24, 2006

Age Gauge

Here is a pretty neat site to check out. Just punch in your birthdate and you will get your own history gauge, like mine shown here.

Aiz's Gauge

You said your birthday is 1 / 30 / 1963
which means you are 43 years old and about:

46 years 3 months younger than Walter Cronkite, age 89
41 years 7 months younger than Nancy Reagan, age 84
38 years 8 months younger than George Herbert Bush, age 81
31 years 4 months younger than Barbara Walters, age 74
29 years 2 months younger than Larry King, age 72
23 years 0 months younger than Ted Koppel, age 66
19 years 7 months younger than Geraldo Rivera, age 62
16 years 7 months younger than George W. Bush, age 59
11 years 6 months younger than Jesse Ventura, age 54
7 years 3 months younger than Bill Gates, age 50
2 years 5 months younger than Cal Ripken Jr., age 45
3 years 5 months older than Mike Tyson, age 39
7 years 6 months older than Jennifer Lopez, age 35
12 years 11 months older than Tiger Woods, age 30
19 years 5 months older than Prince William, age 23

and that you were:
38 years old at the time of the 9-11 attack on America
36 years old on the first day of Y2K
34 years old when Princess Diana was killed in a car crash
32 years old at the time of Oklahoma City bombing
31 years old when O. J. Simpson was charged with murder
30 years old at the time of the 93 bombing of the World Trade Center
27 years old when Operation Desert Storm began
26 years old during the fall of the Berlin Wall
22 years old when the space shuttle Challenger exploded
20 years old when Apple introduced the Macintosh
20 years old during Sally Ride's travel in space
18 years old when Pres. Reagan was shot by John Hinckley, Jr.
16 years old at the time the Iran hostage crisis began
13 years old on the U.S.'s bicentennial Fourth of July
11 years old when President Nixon left office
9 years old when Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace was shot
6 years old at the time the first man stepped on the moon
5 years old when Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated
2 years old during the Watts riot
not yet 1 year old at the time President Kennedy was assassinated

(and now you know how old I am too!)


At Fri. Mar. 24, 11:13:00 a.m. MST, Blogger Luther said...

This is craziness cause it is not even a religion

Isaac Hayes Quits 'South Park'

At Fri. Mar. 24, 11:51:00 a.m. MST, Blogger Aizlynne said...


Did you see my link below to the show, in case you haven't seen it yet.

At Fri. Mar. 24, 05:15:00 p.m. MST, Blogger Canadian Sentinel said...

That ain't so old.

I'm just 34, but I've, ah, had stuff going on with women in the past who today are about as "old" or even significantly older than you!

Just getting started here: when I was just a wee lad of 4, I had a 5 year old girlfriend.

Fast forward:

For example: when I was 20, I seriously considered getting something going with a 40 year old chick I met at university. But even then the fact that she turned out to be a big-time moonbat turned me off. Geez, there aren't enough conservative women on the East Coast to go around. No wonder I'm still waiting for Ms. Right (no pun intended... LOL). Another reason why I perhaps don't belong on the Atlantic Coast.

Guess that's another thing about me that makes me weird.

At Fri. Mar. 24, 06:23:00 p.m. MST, Blogger ABFreedom said...

Damn ... thanks Aiz ... now I feel old ...
2 years old when Hawaii was admitted as 50th of the United States


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