Friday, January 27, 2006

Exposed Predicted This Outcome

I don't profess to possess psychic powers, but I found it strange that, at the time the Adscam hearings broke lose on the internet (courtesy of Captain's Quarters Blog), a Trudeau lovin Liberal would be interested in speaking to a Conservative blogger about how terrible the Liberals under Paul Martin were? At the time, I posted to Captain that this guy was going to take a run at the Lib party leadership. Why else slam another Lib for pete sakes.

That was none other than Beryl Wajsman, who has now publicly announced that he will be taking a shot at the Liberal leadership. He hopes of restore the true "liberalness" of the party, which he says has been lost on the last generation of Liberals.

Wasjman, who was "banned" from the Liberal Party for life by Paul Martin, never hid his contempt for Paul Martin. His supporters didn't either and found a warm welcome in the arms of alot of Conservative bloggers and assorted pundits during this last election.

Will he win?? He certainly has some high profile backers, including Warren Kinsella, who along with Wasjman are "old time Liberals". If he is in it for the right reasons -- passion to change the country for the better -- he may get a strong following.

His achilles heel? The days of Trudeau are gone, and while that may appeal to some Liberals, it won't appeal enmasse to most Canadians I predict, especially Western Canadians - who vividly remember a bird flippin, carbon tax implementing PM who devasted the West for a decade. This, in my opinion, will result in his not being elected leader. They will want someone who has more appeal to Canadians at large.

Mr. Wasjman's contribution to the political process is to be respected. After all, not everyone is interested in jumping into the political fray, nor do they have the tenacity to stick with it as Mr. Wasjman has. I wish him the best of luck!


At Fri. Jan. 27, 02:38:00 p.m. MST, Blogger Canadian Sentinel said...

Nice post, Aiz.

I certainly do have considerable respect for Wasjman.

On the other hand, the Liberal Party of Canada, as currently constituted (corrupt to the bone and transformed into a far-left idealogical party for short term political gain), is now the political equivalent of radioactive waste and will be forever avoided by many who may once have supported or even considered supporting the Liberals.

Why would ANYONE bother to be a Liberal now? The very thought is astonishing.

They need to tear it down completely and rebuild it from the grassroots up, renewing it along the lines of the reality of the 21st Century, else they're nothing more than an embarrassing anachronism; a dinosaur still swimming in the lake but which few will believe in...

At Fri. Jan. 27, 03:31:00 p.m. MST, Blogger Justthinkin said...

I agree with CS. The Liberal party as it now stands is just way to ingrained with criminals and the "entitlement" factor. Until it is completely razed and rebuilt, it will remain the same. Just the same as fools who re-build on flood plains, year after year.

At Fri. Jan. 27, 03:49:00 p.m. MST, Blogger Junker said...

How far do ya'll figure Belinda's leadership attempt will make it? I can't imagine she wouldn't try it.

At Fri. Jan. 27, 05:52:00 p.m. MST, Blogger Canadian Sentinel said...

Belinda as Liberal leader? Bring 'er on! I remember her campaign to lead the CPC and it was painful to watch. She can't think on her feet; her every word needs to be given to her and rehearshed. So bring 'er on! Steve'll make political mincemeat of the Billionaire Barbie Doll. Besides, she's a lying turncoat.

And bring on Egghead Iggy Ignatieff. Where do I start? Well, he's on record as slurring various minority groups, a serious no-no. He supports torture, something the left thinks is wrong for the treatment of bad guys like Al Qaeda fighters. He is unsaleable to folks across the spectrum.

Frank McKenna? He's pro-life and actually fought Morgentaler's attempts to set up clinics in NB. Therefore unsaleable to Liberals and other leftists. Thought it'd be good to bribe call centers to set up in NB. They came and they shut down. We're no better off. Yes, Bernie Lord has done that, too, and I hope he stops, if he hasn't already.

Tobin? He's a slick asshat to the max. Can't stand him. Big phony. Has no vision for Canada, like all Liberals.

Brison? Hahaha! Little Mr. Perfect. Arrogant narcissist. Lying demagogue. Slanderer. No wonder they removed him from the store window so Paulie could do what Scottie would've continued to do: make a fool of himself and help end the Liberal reign.

Beryl Wasjman? I like him so far. But I don't understand why he'd like to lead the Liberals under their current constitution and institutional structure. It's a leader-whipped party wherein regular members have no real say.

At Mon. Jan. 30, 02:05:00 p.m. MST, Blogger Beryl Wajsman said...

You are quite right. It is not the Liberal party that is interesting nor worth defending. It is he idea of industrial liberalism as the great force for individual expression and opportunity. My admiration for Trudeau stems from the fact that with the Charter he attempted to inculculate in Canadians a respect for their own individual consequence. He made every single one of us sovereign over any demands of the state or any collectivity. He changed Canada from a Parliamentary to a Constitutional democracy.

That message is at the heart of a true liberal agenda. We've got to make sure it takes hold in our spirits.

The idea of liberalism was put most succintly by a great "radical" in 1911. He said that the role of liberal government was,“To raise people up from poverty. To reconcile private interests with public rights. To attack monopoly. To reward enterprise, but not with untrammeled privilege and preference. To exalt the individual over ruler or regulation. To expand freedom at home and abroad. This is our liberalism. This is the signature of our society.” That radical was none other than Winston Spencer Churchill who spoke as Minister of Social Welfare in the Liberal Asquith government which he was a part of between his two Tory eras.

We need to get back to those basics.

PS: I've announced an exploratory national committee by the way. My decision will be made in April. But I'll be happy to receive your comments at

At Thu. Feb. 02, 03:13:00 a.m. MST, Blogger Canadian Sentinel said...

That's an interesting viewpoint, Mr. Wasjman.

That quotation of Churchill's sounds better than the rhetoric we've been hearing from the last two Liberal leaders. Still vague and in need of explanatory expansion. People have grown tired of the warm and fuzzy words which are given to politicians to spew forth to soothe the harried electorate and give them a feeling of artificial comfort wrt the Party, whichever one be it. The Liberals offer no guarantees they'll be accountable as do the Tories, with the Accountability Act and the expansion of powers for the AG and the creation of a Special Prosecutor, etc., offer a way of ensuring far greater accountability than there has been in a long time.

Always remember, it's about Canada, not the Party. It's about all Canadians, not just the Party and its supporters and voters. The big picture must be first and foremost in the mind of a good leader.

Selfishness and greed as we've seen recently will not do.

Whatever your decision, Mr. Wasjman, I wish you the best!


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