Sunday, October 30, 2005

Introducing .......

The newest member of our family ... Pixel.

Pixel was born in July and he is a Siamese/Balinese cross.

Adorable, of course, and a real purring machine. He has beautiful blue eyes that are hard to resist.

He is Allysha's kitty, but of course, Mom & Dad get to pay for everything (funny how that works).

Friday, October 28, 2005

Happy Halloween!

To get you in the "spirit" of things:

Have a good weekend everyone! If you're partying like I am, don't drink and drive - and have some fun for "goulish" sakes!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

And Now, For Something Completely Different

It's been a busy busy busy week. Don't know where the time is going, but it's gone by fast.

If you were the lucky Albertan who won the 649 congrats. You know the old saying, friends don't come easy .... but I sure do, especially if I can be YOUR friend! (just kidding).

And now, for something completely different:

I'd be pissed too!

Okay ... now that's just nasty!! He is obviously a pretty lonely guy.

Have a good one everybody!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Classy Lady ... Classy Response

Of course, in every crowd there is always a putz. And in Ottawa, there is always more than one, especially in the press pool.

But, of course, Condi being the classy lady she is, took it all in stride and managed to put a grin on a few faces I am sure.

Now if only we could get spokespeople like her for this country. Instead we get stuck with the likes of Adrienne Clarkson, or closet separatists.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Alberta Alliance Leadership Heating Up

The race is on for the Leadership position! Voting will take place in Red Deer on November 19. The candidates are about as varied as you can get so I am positive there is someone who suits your taste.

If you haven't already become a member, what's stopping you??? Membership in the Alliance, the only other true conservative alternative, is the best investment you can make for $10. Your voice, I can guarantee, will be heard and valued. Now how many other political organizations can make you that promise!

We already have one prominent MLA in the legislature (Paul Hinman, Cardston/Taber). Come next election, we need more voices in Legislature in order to keep those Tories on their toes, and true to their fiscal/social policies. The magic # is 4 - that is the number of MLA's needed in order for the party to get provincial funding.

Visit their website for complete information on party policy, leadership convention information and FAQ.

See you in November!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Classic Songs ... Wings Way

You haven't heard em sung like this before!

Just listen to this AM Oldie Goldie by the

One of the best musicals of all time is Wing's favourite too!

And who could possibly forget this all time

Leave it to Wing to make this
Beatles tune a #1 hit again.

And for only $5.95 you can download these fabulous albums:

Check out Wing's complete collection at Wing's Home Page.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

1st Annual EA Turkey Of The Year Awards

Thanks for waiting everyone ... and congratulations to the "old lame people" (oops.. I mean winners) chosen by the illustrious, and cantankerous Indervidjooul.

Chicken Hawk Award

Jamie at Crittermusing's won the draw for this category. His selection was The Sun Newspaper Chain. Jamie said, "Through thick and thin, they keep on trying to get the word out about just what socialism/fascism and the Libs and Dippers are doing to this country and trying to wake up the ROC. It is a thankless job and they are painted as the bad guys, but in the end they do have some victories for us little guys in the trenches(think rollback of gas allowance increase for the pigs at the trough)".

Hey Jamie. We all appreciate those who look out for the "little guy".... congrats on your win!

Chicken of the Year

Candace from Planet X's was chosen.

McLellan's term as MP has been a disappointment to over 52% of constituents in her riding. The others, who voted for her, despite her lacklustre performance, have much to answer for. Because she is a nice person doesn't cut it. You vote for people based on their ability to get the job done. Portfolio after portfolio, Screech's lack of backbone has allowed the gun registry, health care, youth justice, immigration and border policies to become ineffective and cumbersome fiscally.

Out of touch and, sometimes, we think, out of her mind, this is what she had to say about toughening youth crime:

"Despite what Canadians might say, putting kids in jail, though necessary, is not an effective response to youth crime. ... the get tough approach isn't really what Canadians want."

The chicken award suits this lady. She also has qualified for the Liberal ineffective award. Way to go Swannie. You've done your constituents a disservice. Please quit! Isn't 12 years of pain enough??

A good choice Candace... congrats - and we hope Edmontonians wake up next election.

Rooster of the Year

Sheila's nominee was selected for this category. Sheila pops her head into the door every once in awhile, and we enjoy her feedback always.

Although initially we thought a man should have been chosen, her entry, Carolyn Parrish, after some thought, we decided was an appropriate one.

First of all, without makeup she looks manly. Secondly, she has a mouth like a truckdriver so I think the category suits her.

Here are some infamous quotes from Carolyn showing her true rooster nature:

"Mr. Martin could "go to hell" if he doesn't like my behaviour" (11/19/2004)

"We are not joining the coalition of the idiots". (8/27/2004)

"Damn Americans. I hate those bastards." (8/27/2004)

Americans are "out of step" with the rest of the world(11/5/2004)

I think we can all agree that Carolyn thinks she is the cock of PHill. Good choice Sheila!

Turkey of the Year

And the winner of the Turkey Of The Year Award goes to Bill @ Reformer's Firebrand for his selection of none other than the biggest turkey of them all - Paul Martin.

This is what Bill had to say about Mr. Dithers:

"Turkey of the year? Gotta be Dithers. In any candid mugshot of this washout, from the past year, he has that expression of impending a turkey gets when he sees the farmer sharpening the axe ;-)"

He sure does Bill!

Here are a few words from our illustrious dinner (oops.. winner):

"Screw the Red Book... Don't tell me what's in the Red Book. I wrote the goddamned thing. And I know that it's a lot of crap." (source: E. Greenspan)

"Talk about Mismanagement 101... Call an inquiry? Dumb move. First Paul knew nothing, then it was a 'sophisticated' group. Today it is, 'I only knew in 2002.' Dummy. This guy probably can't get his toppings straight at Harveys." (source: pissed off Lib backbencher - name not given (Ed: I guess for obvious reasons.. lol).

"The federal government has abandoned its responsibilities with regards to housing problems... The housing crisis is growing at an alarming rate and the government sits there and does nothing. The federal government's role would be that of a partner working with other levels of government, and private and public housing groups. But leadership must come from one source; and a national vision requires some national direction."
(Paul Martin, as Opposition Housing Critic in his 1990 task force report on housing, the recommendations of which he ironically neglected once assuming the role of Federal Finance Minster three years later).

"His public comments are often as amorphous as they are sweeping. Some recent remarks on the Kyoto climate control treaty were so ambiguous that his aides had to clarify that he was indeed in favor of the agreement... What he actually does believe has become a matter of conjecture."
New York Times reporter Clifford Krauss, describing Paul Martin

Congrats Bill! A well deserved choice for sure.

A big thank you to everyone who participated. I hope to make next year bigger and better than ever!

A note to my winners...... please contact me at and we will get Allysha to design a logo for your site.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Turkey Award Update - Logo Process

Ever have one of those days?? I get them once in awhile, my daughter ... well - that's another story. She is a teenager after all.

So this was the look I got from her today when I asked her - very nicely too - if she could please finish my Rooster award since it was the only one that was left to complete.

Of course, at 16, one has much better things to do than entertain ones' mother and the "lame old people" (her words - not mine) that visit her blog. (Geesh... 42 is old??).

But she has relinquished... I am sure at a cost (like money for makeup, clothes, just because she has to put up with me.. you know, typical teen requirements).

The product, I am assured, will be finished tonight, which means I can finally get them going. Oh.. and I let her draw the names out so for those lucky enough to have their selection picked, she says you will get to use the award logo at your site for the year.

I may be able to talk her into making an exclusive logo for the grand prize.... but first we have to get her in a better mood!

Stay tuned tomorrow everyone!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Psychic Phenomena ... Real or Imagination??

With Halloween coming soon (which just happens to be one of my favorite times of year), there are lots of TV programs on this month, with topics ranging from ghosts, hauntings, paranormal activities, psychic mediumship, and the like.

Studies show that 48% of people believe in ghosts, paranormal activity, and reincarnation. That's a large number of people who have either experienced unexplained occurrences themselves, or know someone who has.

But do these things really exist? Or is it a vivid imagination, or psychological phenomena?? Perhaps is there some truth behind the folklore and ancient practices of witchcraft or being able to "talk to the dead"??

For centuries, people have been trying to predict the future in the stars. Today, many use tarot cards, crystal balls, numerology, and astrology as divination tools. You can call a 1-900 psychic line. You can get instant readings on-line. You can see them on TV.

But charlatan or seer????

The Amazing Randi, and 52% of those asked, think they are fake ... all of them. His Million Dollar Challenge, which psychic Sylvia Browne (who charges $500 per session) agreed to on Larry King Live has still gone unchallenged - 214 weeks later!

For the 48% who do believe, CAPI the Calgary chapter of paranormal investigators resides at this website. They have an investigative team who conducts paranormal research. They have their analysis posted, and the site also includes a forum, of which I am a member, and links to other sites of interest.

Whether you believe or not, one thing is for sure, paranormal studies will continue to be deliberated for a long time.

P.S. Got an interesting story you want to share?? Got an opinion?? I'd love to hear about it!

Turkey Award Update - New Logo

My daughter, Indervidjooul (aka Allysha) has spent the better part of 3 hours working on my awards. I think you will all be very happy with the end results.

And check out the new logo she made me.... isn't it awesome! I am pretty lucky to have such a great kid. Not only is she gorgeous, but super talented and smart as a whip. Now... if we could only change the "teenage attitude"... lol.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

EA Awards

I am compiling the results today and will post as soon as my daughter helps me learn photoshop so I can manipulate some pics I found.

Stay tuned folks .........

Friday, October 14, 2005

Scuttlebutt Ala Frank

Thanks for your good wishes everyone. Although not totally out the woods, my head is clear enough that I can sit and type for at least 5 minutes.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that Frank Magazine was making a comeback online. For those of you who may have missed it, Frank digs deep to report on the underbelly of politics, particulary when it comes to those in Ottawa. To be fair -- no one is out of their reach, not even your favorite politician.

Here is some scuttlebutt, courtesy of (Hey - for $2.50/week you couldn't get a better bargain).

Belinda's Latest Toy Boy

Meet Marc Megna, 29, part time model/football player for the Alouettes. The Tory traitor met her latest toyboy at an expensive Montreal area restaurant, frequented by celebs and politico's alike, where she is known to rack up $600 tabs during her weekly jaunts to this restaurant. (geesh... I don't even make $600/week in pay!).

PMO's Information SpinMeister

Meet Scott Reid, the PMO's disinformation minister. Reid, who prides himself on being the model of propriety, and likes to think of himself as a literary critic, took to bashing a particular author, who spent a good portion of his book lamenting about his girl troubles.

Of course, Reid is the model of discretion and valour, having left his wife for a flight attendant who flies with the PMO. According to Frank, the PM's tour team always has a good-time reputation -- party, party, party, ... sex sex sex.

However, his endeavours didn't go over well with the wife, who threatened to sue him into kingdom come. His solution?? Get her a high priced job with Labour Minister Joe Fontana. Problem solved.

Well one things for sure, neoptism is alive and well in Ottawa.

And now ... back to the sofa for a rest.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Down for the Count

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am down for the count for a few days due to the flu.

I will tally up the votes for Turkey of the Year once I feel well enough to sit at the computer for more than 5 minutes.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

1st Annual EA Turkey Of The Year Award

Tomorrow is officially Thanksgiving, and it's usually a day for giving thanks, but for some fun, and a change of pace, I thought I would start the 1st Annual EA Turkey Awards.

Now this awards ceremony wouldn't be complete without your input. To that end, I would like to get your nominees for Turkey of the Year. I will also be giving awards in these categories too: Rooster (biggest "cock" of the town); Chicken (could be female or a gutless wonder); and Chicken Hawk (remember the little guy from Bugs Bunny??- that's the kind of person were are searching for in this category).

So get your nominations in. You can leave a comment here, or email me at Nominations will be taken until 9:00 a.m. Monday morning. I will then present the awards to the winner in each category, along with recognition for the person who nominates them.

So get those nominations in as quick as you can!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Small Dead Blog Awards

Imagine my delight to find that I have been nominated for Best New Blogger in Canada at Small Dead Animals.

Whoever my nominee was ... all I can say is WOW! -- and thanks very much. It's a real honour to be pitted amongst some of the best bloggers in Canada.

They also have nominations in US, Blogging Tories, Moonbat and funny blog categories as well.
Also nominated for this award in my category is my buddy Candace at Planet X. WTG girl and good luck!

Not All Of Us Are Idiots

In typical Liberal fashion, knowing an election is coming, and seeing Albertan's getting a prosperity cheque, those dimwits in Ottawa are trying to convince Canadians that they are refund guys too.

For those of us who did about 2 seconds of research, you find out quickly that even with overtaxation of $9B, all you would get is about $75.

Let's call this news by the Liberals for what it really is -- bullshit!

Want the truth??

Their goal will be to keep taxing you high, but spend spend spend their way to $0 by year end. This way, they still over tax you, but can spend more -- like paying Dingwall $500G. It's like the shell game, but only there is no nut underneath the shell.

After all, they know that the majority of serfs don't get it, or can't be bothered to do the 2 seconds of research required to find out they are being had - and this is what the Liberals count on. It's been proven time and again.

For those in Ontareeareeo (my former haunting grounds) who vote Liberal, please consider this .........

-- the Libs will give you $75 of your own money back in order to "buy" your vote - which costs them nothing -- since it's your money anyway.

Are you gullible enough to fall for it again this time? Or will you finally see the light?

Don't buy into the bullshit. They care nothing for you or your family. They have left the moral highground in order fulfill their own selfish agenda.

Is THIS the Canada you want?? For yourself?? For your kids?? For your grandkids?? For those less fortunate??

Are these the kind of persons (who have shown extremely poor leadership) you want representing you??

Liars, cheaters, arrogant and wasteful with your money (Ascam, Gun Registry, HRDC, Shawinigate, Immigration buyoffs, Dingwall, ... etc.) -- this is what the new Liberal Party stands for.

At what price to yourself and your future generations do you say enough is enough??

I can only hope that you have become enlightened to the Liberal ways and will stand up for Canada by saying "I have had enough" .

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Crock Update - New Homicide Figures Released

Stats Canada reported today that homicide rates had increased for the 3rd consecutive year in a row. Of those, 65% were committed with handguns. Stabbings accounted for 33% of the remainder.

So once again I am left asking the question, just exactly what has the gun registry done to protect people from being killed by handguns. The answer - nothing.

Dingwall Payoff Obvious

Minty fresh Dingwall's payoff is obvious to anyone with an amoeba count higher than 2.

But since alot of Cdns (at least out East) appear to vote with an amoeba count of 1, I will give you the "no spin" truth about the payoff.

No one is entitled to severance for quitting a job - period. The only way "severance" is given, is if a negotiation takes place prior to the employee quitting (ie: "I'll train the new guy and you give me $500G and we'll all be happy).

When the Fibs got wind of the fact that some people of higher intelligence were asking astute questions, they quickly came up with the "well we sought legal advice and we have to pay" line, and "It's in all these different Acts that say we have to" speal, hoping that this would resolve the issue to most Cdns.

Time spent by, and thanks to Licia Corbella's sleuthing, we know the none of the Acts that John McCallum referred to have anything to do with Dingwall's termination.

So what is the truth?? The Libs told him to leave and they would pay him out the rest of his salary. Plain and simple really. It's only when the Opposition caught wind of the news that it became public information. Otherwise it would have been another hush hush Liberal maneuvre to waste more of your hard earned dollar.

You have to wonder how long the Liberals themselves are going to keep up the charade of PM's "quality leadership" and get themselves someone with some real talent.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Wanna Piss Off Some Lefties??

Send their url to Frank Magazine and Frank will use his talents to "make over" the page.

Don't forget to support them by taking out a subscription. It's the only publication that gives Canadian a satirical, and sometimes very candid look at politicians.

Let's keep this website in business folks. It's only $2.50 a week. Heck, you probably spend more than that on a cup of Starbucks coffee!

Liberals Invade Dartmouth NS

See what happens when you vote Liberal all the time ... they start to think they own you.

Be afraid .... be very afraid.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Catholic Priest Okays PM's Constant Commandment Breaches

I don't know what other conclusion to draw, except that it appears to be okay with this priest that PM continuously breach Commandment #9 - "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour".

For those of you unfamiliar with this statement, what this basically means is that you won't lie about or to others, or spread untrue stories about other people.
While Catholicism allows for recanting of sins through confessional, the goal at the end is that you won't commit these sins anymore.

So what does this statment by Rev. John Walsh translate into for the everyday Catholic? For them moral decency is expected -- but it isn't a requirement for public office.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Meet Some New Friends

I always enjoy meeting new people and calling on their blogs. Each blog is unique and offers a different perspective, even if sharing the same story line.

To everyone who comes here - I am humbly grateful for your visits and comments. As TonyGuitar said, "comments for Bloggers is everything" ... and he couldn't be more right. So today I thank you for stopping by. You enrich my life with your visit in more ways than I am sure you appreciate.

On that note ... please take a second to say hi to some new found friends. I hope they too add an extra dimension of thought to your life whilst you travel the blogging highway.

Hell Bent. Sycorax is a Calgarian, passionate Albertan and Canadian all wrapped up into one. Today he has an interesting link to an Ontario separatist (believe it or not!).

Spiderman's Web. Spidey has been combatting asshattery and moonbattery since 9:00 a.m. this morning. Now how's that for motivation!

Clinton Desveaux. How can you not like someone who enjoys Mel Torme?? Today, Clint talks about his personal vices. Hmm... somehow I think we can all relate and have a few of ours we can share with him.

Bend Government. Tony is your guru to links of unique and interesting places elsewhere in the blogsphere. That, combined with his personal view from his oceanfront local (Courtney BC) makes his blog a definite visit for that "westcoast flava".

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" - Sir Winston Churchill.

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