Monday, December 19, 2005

12 Days of Liberal Bans - Day 6

Liberals Ban French White Guys Named Gilles

The French debate on Thursday night sparked anger within the Liberal Party, who now propose a ban on all white french guys named Gilles.

"We must take immediate action", a distressed party supporter was quoted as saying.

"The ban is necessary in order for us to have a chance of retaining seats in Quebec, especially Paul Martin's riding of Lasalle-Emard, which contains thousands of french white guys named Gilles", insiders were quoted as saying.

"It will only affect those residing in Quebec", stated PMO spokesperson Scott Reid (or BJ as he is known to his friends). "The Liberals know what is best for Canada."

"Those Gilles ... they want to take Paulie's Quebec ... but no siree. They won't take Paul's Quebec ... or Chez Helene's Quebec ... or Rene Simard's Quebec ... or Quebec's Quebec ... well - you get my point."

When asked if the ban would further tension in Ottawa, BJ replied, "Sadly, the Liberals have been made targets of a deliberate and orchestrated smear campaign by hardline Gilles. "

"The true test is whether you affected Gilles, ... for instance, if your presence causes Gilles to spill beer all over you at the Press Club, it may force you to suggest oral copulation as a way of showing your displeasure."

"Now where can I get some beer and popcorn??"


At Mon. Dec. 19, 08:30:00 p.m. MST, Blogger Gayle said...

Okay, with this one you've gone over my head, which probably isn't very hard to do! I'm trying to learn about Canadian politics, but it's rather hard because we have so much going on in the U.S. too. And if we aren't careful we are going to be in the same boat you guys are.

Actually, I came here to fulfill a promise. I promised Hoody, over at to contact all the women bloggers I know and let them know about his post. He has posted something truly interesting (from a "woman's" point of view) and would like a woman's take on it. He's linked on both of my blogs. My links are alphabetized and run by name, so if you have trouble with the url I left you, then look on either one of my blogs for "Hoody's Blog." I will be extremely interested in seeing your comment on his post! Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

At Tue. Dec. 20, 05:12:00 p.m. MST, Blogger ABFreedom said...

BJ must be very affective st stoking out oral actions for getting away with the stuff that comes out of his mouth.


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