Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Liberals Get You Coming Or Going

Are you excited about the potential of receiving a whole $85 (give or take) back from the Liberal gov't in order to secure your vote for their 12 years of fiscal mismanagement, thievery, blatant lying and anti-western semantics??

My oh my... how cheaply some people can be bought. And what an insult to your intelligence.

The best way to show your displeasure is by wiping out the Liberal Party. Show them that you want Canada to remain a democracy, despite their best efforts to destroy it. A vote for Liberal is a certain vote for separation in Quebec ... and with numbers sure to grow in the West.

And here is another Liberal that loves sticking it to you.

6.5% property tax increase and 18% water increases over the next two years doesn't faze this fast spending Mayor. In fact, not much fazes him. Reason? In typical Liberal fashion, Dave purchased his way (million dollar campaign contributions) into the mayorship and garnered a whopping 11% of popular vote in the last election. Of course, if less than 20% of people come out and vote then what the hell do you think you're going to end up with??

With no vision, no cost cutting measures, no creative thinking and only one Alderman complaining (in no part I am sure due to pressure she is getting from her unionist contributors), Calgarians continue to pay a hefty price for the privilege of living under Liberal control.


At Tue. Nov. 15, 06:27:00 p.m. MST, Blogger Leigh Patrick Sullivan said...

What the hell has happened to my old hometown? Too many easterners moving in or something? Get this David schmuck out of city hall. Calgary is too special a city to have to put up with that BS.

Maybe I'll have to think about returning home...

At Tue. Nov. 15, 08:08:00 p.m. MST, Blogger ABFreedom said...

And ain't it great to know they've taken 500 billion extra since 1998...

At Tue. Nov. 15, 09:50:00 p.m. MST, Blogger Justthinkin said...

Anybody notice that the $30 billion in tax cuts is the exact amount they are being sued for that they stole from the pension funds of the public service? Ummmmmmm

At Wed. Nov. 16, 07:45:00 a.m. MST, Blogger sheila said...

Hey Aiz ...

The people of Calgary should really be wondering what the hell that glad handing jackass, with all his crooked buddies, Al Duer did with our tax dollars while he was mayor. Before Dave the last big project done in the city was the C-Train by Ralph. The truth is Al Duer did squat and let the city go to hell and Dave has to fix the mess. Developers ran wild and created messes city wide under Al Duer - Have you driven in the Westhill area, or that mess at the end of Crowchild trail, god alone knows who designed such crap - but that's what Al Duer gave us.

I'm disappointed that Calgary's city council keeps raising taxes, it seems a bit disingenious. However, I don't believe that they have much choice. "Al Duer Nothing" created the problems we are now facing.

At Wed. Nov. 16, 09:27:00 a.m. MST, Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Bronco's big screw job on the rate payers of Calgary will come the months before he leaves City hall for another Fed-Lib patronage appointment.

To his credit, Al Doer held the line on the mil rate by keeping city service costs in trim...primarily the citiy union wage hikes were rational during Al's tenure...Bronco has doled out millions in wgae hikes to any union rep who has threatened the city......and the costs will show up in the mil rate reassesments...coming soon.

Aiszlynne If I was you I would start speculating in real estate in the bedroom communities where the tax rates are lower and the traffic is reasonable.

BTW> found a lovely bungalow in Okotoks for 178K$ tax for the year is 1200 bucks. ;-0

At Wed. Nov. 16, 02:35:00 p.m. MST, Blogger Aizlynne said...

That's great Bill. Okotoks is the place to be. Property values are good and the tax rate is much better than Airdrie. Your house there would cost you an extra $600 year in taxes (roughly).

Al Doer wasn't much of a doer I agree Sheila. But after the first couple of years, Diva Dave can't use that as an excuse for 14% tax hike over 3 years.

One of the biggest problems with City planning is their lack of vision and foresight. For example, the Stony Trail interchange at Country Hills Blvd. While you have 3 lanes of traffic in either direction, the bridge is only allowing for 2?? WTF? Why would you do that, when 10 years from now you will have to take it down and rebuild a larger one? My opinion on it being a ring road is another story. A joke?? For sure ... check out the Perimeter in Winnipeg. Now THAT's a ring road.

I am tired of all politicians dipping into your pocket whenever they feel like it without showing that they have cut costs as prudently as possible.

What bothers me even more is the voter apathy. They bitch about the increases, but never bothered to get out and vote someone in who will hold the line on millrates as much as possible.

At Wed. Nov. 16, 03:31:00 p.m. MST, Blogger Ed said...

Who would have held the line? Rick "I never met a union I didn't like" Bell?

At Thu. Nov. 17, 08:16:00 a.m. MST, Blogger Lex Luthor said...

"What bothers me even more is the voter apathy. They bitch about the increases, but never bothered to get out and vote "


It doesn't matter if its local, provincial or federal, apathy is allowing these politicians to run rampant. The only thing that is worse that the non-voter is the uninformed voter.... you know the ones, they voted Liberal last time so they'll vote Liberal this time and they have a dazed look when you ask them about AdScam.


At Thu. Nov. 17, 11:57:00 a.m. MST, Blogger Em said...

Ugh, I've never like Dave at all. Let's get him out of there!


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