Monday, September 19, 2005

ROFLMAO - Only In Canada Folks!

Now, if this was anywhere but Canada, this fall guy would go to prison.

Of course, in the US they know how to do it right!

But then again, we only give serial killers 12 years so this isn't really any surprise.


At Mon. Sep. 19, 05:20:00 p.m. MDT, Blogger Paul said...

Wow! Coffin gets to stay home and do penance. Kozlowski, though he'll probably go to whatever country club prison they have in New York, would kiss the judge's ass to stay home.
Maybe they're waiting to get the Big Boys up there before imposing prison, ya think?
Money talks on both sides of the border. Our boy, I'm sure has some appeals to run through before he moves in with "Bubba" and watches "Deliverance" a few nights a week.
I have to learn what the citizenship requirements are in my beloved Alberta because if I'm going to do anything bad, I'm doing it in Canada.

At Mon. Sep. 19, 06:37:00 p.m. MDT, Blogger Taylor said...

Hello Aizlynne,
Thanks for visiting our blog again, I'll definitely post some excellent recipes that are more than run-of-the-mill. Incidentally, I'm all in favor of banishing the 'so called Faint Hope Clause' where killers get a chance at early parole, and often take another human being's life. I don't care how many poeple think it's not a deterrent, if there was a chacne they'd have their own selfish lives taken, I'll bet big dollars there would be a substancial drop in violent crime in Canada.


At Mon. Sep. 19, 07:46:00 p.m. MDT, Blogger Debris Trail said...

The best jail time the fuckers can get is to be VOTED OUT... that is the way it's supposed to work.

If the voters won't give them jail time then nothing will prevent the scum from doing what they do. This is all a case of VOTER apathy... nothing else.

At Tue. Sep. 20, 02:48:00 a.m. MDT, Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Aizlynne, thank you for leaving a comment on my site. Comments are to bloggers as votes are tp politicians, Lifeblood!

Coffin is just a token minimum sacrifice to run interference,to buy time and diversion while the Matinite coyotes scheme and entrench.

There will be other lesser lambs offered up as decoys.

There is a conspiracies forum at Thechnorati. This, I submit as the Mother of all such..

Seek ye no farther than your unpredictable neighbour to the north.

Did you say people appreciate an imaginary conspiracy over a true conspiracy?

What about a true conspiracy that makes fiction seem banal?

What about a respected democratic government who funneled Billions of national revenues away in all directions due to a mild beginning where they only wanted to siphon a few million to prevent a province from separating ?

Once on the slippery slope of *funneling*, that government discovered there to be NO public protest, even though some siphoning became known.

They could not stop! They wrote huge contracts to friendly advertising agencies and a big cut of the payments went into the party finances pool.

You say this must be fiction? Look at the evidence and decide for yourself. There is a list of 20 or thirty little transgressions and these are only the tip of the iceberg. Mind boggling it is!

The government has survived two non-confidence votes with a margin of one or two votes thru vote-buying. You can imagine how desperate they are.

Hanging on with white knuckles, they distribute *bonuses* widely to ensure loyalty.

Imposing secrecy is another self-preservation tactic. 6,000
government munchkins in 12 government departments. The oath of silence is not for 14 years , 21 years, 40 years or 60 years, all normal terms, but in fact is for full life terms. Not normal!

Do they plan to govern forever?

I personally wish this was fiction. 73s TG


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