Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pinocchio Paul's At It Again

Not that we ever expect politicians to be honest, but don't you just hate it when they insult your intelligence further by thinking you are too dumb to figure out what the truth really is??

In his latest ramblings while on his "Alienate The West Some More" tour, PM, the wooden-stiff puppet, confidently asserts that “The federal government does not make money from increasing gas prices.” (Did you catch his nose growing?) According to the wooden boy, "Price hikes do not mean more tax revenue for Ottawa because with higher prices consumption falls". Say what??

According to the CTF, the jump in prices means an additional $175M in GST flows into Ottawa. The purveyors of disinformation went on to suggest that "gas consumption falls with price spikes". Hmmmmm... I guess that's why the Arab States keep bumping the price per barrel, because no one uses it when the price goes up (roflmao).

Even according to their own records at StatsCan, gasoline increases an average of just over one 1% per annum - every year.

But since this fairy tale boy knows that at least Conservative Bloggers are smart and astute enough to check the facts, his next line of defense was that the revenue is going to "cash-strapped cities and lowering taxes will endanger this funding". Excuse me, but what a "crock o' tard". Ottawa will give $5B to cities over the next 5 years. In 2005, the transfer is a measley $600M and only increases to $2B in 2009.

Ottawa’s total take is projected to be $6B this year. Once the transfer is deducted, they are left with $5.4B. Even if nothing changes for the next 4 years, in 2009, more than $4B will left over. In other words, Ottawa will transfer $5B over 5 years, but will collect $30B. Geesh... can his nose get any longer???

So there you have it folks. Caught in outright lies and trying to justify stealing more from the poor so they can give it to their rich friends.

Might I suggest that the Liberals consider firing Scott Reid and hiring a more credible and informed information spinmeister - like the one in this photo on the left.

Note: Touque tip to Leigh at Rants from the Moderate Seperatist for the PM pic.


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