Friday, July 08, 2005


I would like to take a moment and wish all my fellow Calgarian's a whoop ass good time during Stampede.

As a former Eastener, I found Stampede pretty strange at first (all those cowboys and everybody dressed up). But over the years, I have come to realize that it showcases the best of who Calgarians are. You work hard all year so you can party for 10 days straight in order to do the following:

- eat free (if you are up for the challenge of hopping around)
Image hosted by

- stay pretty soused if you wish (for free at alot of places)
Image hosted by

- take in some great entertainment
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- you aren't forced to wear boots, hats or those crappy bolero's that strangle you
Image hosted by

Those those who want to check out the action on the midway - have a lookie here.

However you spend it - enjoy!


At Fri. Jul. 08, 03:44:00 p.m. MDT, Blogger BBS said...

Wish I could be there. The Stampede is on my list of Canadian things to do. I've visited every province except for Alberta and Saskatchewan. Looking forward to it someday.

At Sat. Jul. 09, 10:19:00 a.m. MDT, Blogger Aizlynne said...

Stampede is a must for sure.

You, along with I heard Volpe, Brison and Layton, are enjoying western hospitality at its finest.

Guess they don't mind coming to the "dark side" to view our "hidden agenda".


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