Friday, July 15, 2005

Red Tory Swine Plunder Albertans Again

What else do you call a group who just voted themselves a pay hike of $103,000/annum?? You "heard" me right, $103K. Only in Alberta - where the Liberals hide under the banner of Red Tory and put their snouts into the trough compliments of Joe and Jane Albertan.

While King Ralph was busy trying to deflect Albertan serfs attention away by talking about SSM, he secretly passed resolutions 338 & 339, allowing Deputy Ministers (and their equivalents) to take a pay hike from $157K/annum to $200K/annum. They will also qualify for bonuses up to 30% of base salary (or $60K on a $200K salary).

This is unacceptable. Folks, you need to be sending King Ralph an email, expressing yourself in bold terms (I have done so already - and informed him that he will not be getting my vote next election - for me this was the straw the broke the camels back).

For those of conservative leaning who are as fed up as I am, I urge you to read the Alberta Alliance policy platform and consider becoming a member. They offer a solid right wing alternative, electoral reforms, fundamentally sound changes to the health care model so that publically funded health care can really work for the benefit of everyone and offer tax and citizen initiative reforms so that taxpayers will actually have a true democractic party working for them. They also have some exciting leadership contenders (who I can't disclose right now... but soon hopefully) that I think can bring about some exciting changes. These are people who are truly committed to serving the public interest ... not in how much money they can make off Joe & Jane taxpayer when they aren't looking.

Vigiliance in holding your politicians accountable is essential. The silence of Alberta citizens equals permission for the Red Tories to continue to plunder your paycheque.


At Fri. Jul. 15, 03:22:00 p.m. MDT, Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

With the distrust you have for "connected" PC provincial polis ( and I agree most are pink or ethicless) you better get your ass out on the line when Ted Morton challenges the PC leadership race...Morton is the only hope libertarianism ( labled as "blue toryism" in the great dyslexic north) has. The heir apparent to Ralph's throne is a former Getty cab-min who was so soft in that portfolio he had to be replaced before the debt reduction process had teeth that shoed any results. Dinning is another political invertibrate who will do anything to poreserve the status que...which in Alberta is a move to the left.

At Fri. Jul. 15, 06:35:00 p.m. MDT, Blogger Aizlynne said...

Dinning is scary, but probably going to be the winner. Mark Norris I know little of, but he is Ralph's pick. I have also heard Iris Evans might toss her hat in.

Ted Morton is the only chance I would ever have of voting for the Tories again. Once they become true blue again, then they will get my vote. Otherwise I will be lookin elsewhere to cast my ballot next election.


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