Monday, July 04, 2005

Flags, Flags - Everywhere a Flag

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The Rebel Albertan has some interesting flag ideas from various groups, for the Western Republic of Canada (The Search for Old Glory Continues).

While I don't personally advocate separation (at least without giving it the "old college try"), I think the design concepts are unique and showcase some of the depth of compassion these artists feel. For, in my opinion, if they didnt' care so deeply about what ails Canada, they wouldn't take the time to think of alternatives. Only when the mind is awakened from it's stupor can unique ideas stem forth.

Animus facit nobilem - The spirit makes humans noble


At Mon. Jul. 04, 10:22:00 p.m. MDT, Anonymous rob said...

I know you don't advocate separatism, but a lot of us are very tired. We've been fighting this thing since Trudeau, and the compromise has always been one sided. The only exception was when Mulroney dumped NEP.

We will never win unless we get radical, and separation may be a bargaining chip, or it may be a way out if there is no compromise.

The government must decentralize, and give control back to the provinces on almost everything, so taxes can be lowered and the economy can expand. The now 12 billion in transfer payments has to be stopped to eliminate dependency and make other people in the rest of the country work, instead of living off of, and increasing central power into a full communist state.

Just my opinion, accept it or reject it, but it's been a long road, and enough is enough.


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