Friday, July 22, 2005

Defining the New Tories

Debris Trail over at Celestial Junk gave me some food for thought about where I stand politically, and I thought this would be a great topic of discussion, so I want to ask my other fellow bloggers their definition of what Debris calls the "new CPC"'ers.

In my 24 years of being able to vote, I have run the gamit (NDP, CPC, Green) and have done the same provincially. I tend to think of myself as a traditionalist in nature, with conservative leanings, especially when it comes to finance. But I am also liberal enough to want certain intangible freedoms as those entrenched in the Charter (as long as the Charter is used for the correct purposes - but that's another article all together).

I spend most of my time on the conservative leaning blogs and for good reason. The authors, by in large, are intelligent and articulate and are some of the best debaters I have seen. They offer credible solutions to some of Canada's greatest issues. By far they are the most patriotic.

But that isn't to say that I haven't met some NDP'ers who are smart cats. I would tend to call them soft NDP'ers who most likely now vote Green because Green offers more fiscally conservative policies, while still offering to maintain social benefits and environmental stewardships. These things are important as well and history has shown that NDP type thinkers have something valid to offer (provided they aren't whining and name-calling).

The Liberals - well ... what can I say. If I had a large enough boot I would take them out. Now you want to talk scary - here are folks with hidden agenda's for sure. I am such a staunch believer in democracy that I don't think I could ever become a Liberal, much less vote for them. I can't think of one positive thing they have done for this country in the last 12 years. If anyone knows of anything would they please point it out.

So there you have my position in a nutshell. I invite all bloggers to offer their definitions and tell me if you agree with Debris' assessment.


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