Friday, July 08, 2005

Bloggers Have Influence

No matter what side of the blog you're on, this poll should make you feel pretty good about the amount of time you spend on posts.

Personally, I wholly support the notion that bloggers are an influential bunch - provided the rhetoric is kept down and some sensible (and factual) information is relayed.

I am sure many of you have blogged or seen a blog about a particular subject, only to have remenants of it appear in newspaper editorial comments and the like. I know that I have seen that happen here in Calgary.

I think another reason blogging is so influential is that you can clearly delineate between right and left. People are tired of listening to one-sided MSM. At least on blogs you can get both sides of the coin, without the crap.

So the message is loud and clear. Your opinion is being heard. Keep on bloggin.


At Mon. Jul. 11, 03:36:00 a.m. MDT, Blogger Candace said...


My problem with this poll & it's results is: We (i.e. us knuckledraggers) have been bi*ching about the polls, the inaccuracy of them, the questionable questions, etc. for months (probably longer, but I've only just recently started paying attention).

So how much can we believe these results?


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