Friday, July 29, 2005

No Blogging This Long Weekend

As I am sure many of you are, I too am off for the long weekend. My husband and I are going to Fernie to a secluded mountain getaway for our 5th wedding anniversary. Now how can you beat that!

I will be taking some pictures and will post any that I think may be of interest. Perhaps we will luck out and catch the Kokanee Sasquatch.

Have a great and safe weekend everyone. See you on Monday evening.

Gun Registry Audit

Richard at Cannuckistan Chronicles is carrying a link this morning from Craig Estrella, a progressive blogger, who wants to start a on-line petition to have the registry audited by the Auditor General, Sheila Fraser.

Well, I personally think it's a splendid idea. Perhaps even one some of the more socially conscious NDP'ers will take a second to sign the petition. After all, mismanagement not only takes money away from the fiscally conservative, it also takes away money from social programs.

Please take a sec to link up to the petition.

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Lets Call Em "Regressive Tories"

Our tax crusader John Carpay, from the Taxpayers Federation again crunches some numbers for cranium weary Albertans, who are being brainwashed into accepting the Red Tories next move - putting Albertan's back in debt.

You can check out the complete article here.

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Note: I have it on pretty good authority that John Carpay will be stepping down soon as the Alberta Director. His shoes will be very tough to fill. I wish John and his family the best in whatever future path he decides to take.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Headlines from the Sun

I had the joy of standing in line at the Superstore to get groceries and ended up buying that tacky little Sun paper that's at the checkout counter. I never buy the thing, but we are going away this weekend and it's a long drive so I figured why not some brain sludge and a good laugh.

So ... for your entertainment pleasure, I thought I would save you the $2.00 and give you the headlines ... (oh - the italics are my comments)

Okay - so the premise behind this story is that Bible Coding has been taken to a new and higher level of interpretation and they found all these new messages. Now remember -ALL of these things are supposed to happen:

- the Earth will be hit by a colossal fragment being blasted off the moon;
- 3 armies clash: Eagle flag (US); Black snake flag (terrorists); Red (China);
- Anti-Christ makes self known: tv corp exec with military ties (gotta be Fox);
- Ebola-like virus released in Iraq, golden herb found in Canada
can cure disease outbreak
(We'd all better run and hide while we have the chance!)

Lucky Pooch Gets The Gas Chamber (And Lives)
Seems Quentin was gassed by the SPCA but "came back from the dead". They used to use carbon monoxide to gas dogs in St. Louis, MO, but have since stopped.
(So like were they running their car exhaust into the building to save money or something?)

9 Year Boy is Human Magnet
Misha Dulnyavka can stick 7 spoons on his face and keep them there for an incredible 5 minutes. (Say it all together now - WOW)

This Week In History
30 years ago, union boss Jimmy Hoffa disappeared;
1909 - Orville Wright stayed aloft 1 hour & 12 minutes - making it the worlds longest flight;
1890 - Vincent Van Gogh commits suicide (gunshot wound)
1966 - Charles Whitman shoots 15 and wounds 31 others from U of Texas tower

And there you have it everyone.... I hope you enjoyed sharing the mag with me!

Life in Ottawa

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Political Correctness

Recently, I received a warning about the use of a politically incorrect term.

A plea to all my blogging friends - we all need to be more sensitive in our choice of words.

I have been informed the Islamic terrorists (who, by the way, hate our guts and want to kill us) do not like to be called "Towel Heads", since the item they wear on their heads is not actually a towel, but in fact, a small folded sheet.

Therefore, from this point forward, please refer to them as "Little Sheet Heads."

Thank you for your support and compliance on this delicate and sensitive matter.

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Movie Tag

Candace at Planet X has tagged me on movies this time. Well this is a little more current for me (the book tag wasn't because I spend more time reading blogs then books! lol).

Childhood Years
HR Puffenstuff, anything ghostly or haunted house related (ie 13 Ghosts; Baron Blood)

Teen Years
Cheech and Chong (well... never mind)
Animal House (in keeping with Cheech and Chong)

Swinging Single Years
American Deerhunter
Rocky Horror Picture Show (and YES I did dress up - Magenta was my character of choice)

Married Years
Disney Movies (all of them at least 10 times...)
Personal Favs: Anything with Tom Hanks (BIG, Forest Gump), Schindlers List, Memento (a great movie done backwards ... )

Lord of the Rings (the complete trilogy)
Southpark Team America (take that you terrorist)
Passion of the Christ (had to watch it twice since I cried almost through it all the first time)

All Time Favorite
That's a tough choice because there have been sooo many great movies. But if I was going to get prodded for picking one it would probably be Lord of the Rings.

So now you know where my warped mind has been/where it is going.

Now on to tag a few of my fellow bloggers:

Jamie @ Crittermusings
Bill @ Reformer's Firebran
Richard @ Cannuckistan Chronicles

Corpulent Carolyn a Wannabe Jane Fonda

Her skirt size isn't the only thing big about Carolyn. Her mouth ranks right up there.

Comments from the menopausal moonbat regarding COD Hillier made the newspaper again. The only thought I can conjure up is that they paste her verbiage onto newsprint in order for the rest of Canada to see what a fool she is.

Luckily for us, Hillier's exterior is made of 100% Saskatchewan beaver pelts, so the self-professed sheba's words barely scratch his skin.

While the wannabe Jane Fonda may want to pony up with the enemy (terrorists), Hillier shows true patriotism by saluting these heroic men and women who serve out of a sense of duty, not only to their countrymen, but to other humans living in our now global society. Thank goodness there are few Jane's and Carolyn's in this world.

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Complacent Craniums in Alberta

Oh that Rick Bell from the Calgary Sun ... he has such a way with words. But they ring true for the bulk of Albertans.

Rick's article blames Klein (and rightly) about the Tories lack of vision, planning and gov't philosophy and says today is the day you pay the piper.

True to Red Tory form, King Ralph believes a little shell game of words (which all invoke the same result - borrowing money) will be enough to keep the average Albertan from realizing that he is about to put us back in debt. And he would be right.

Rick laments to the average Albertan "And we complain people in the East are sheep". And he would be right again.

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Discovery Blasts Off

Just wanted to wish the crew of Discovery a great flight and a safe return.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blog Update

Hi Everyone:

As you can see, some progress has been made. But I am back at square one for adding links. As time permits I will get to adding back in the links and figuring out where I went wrong.

So starting later today or tomorrow I will be back to regular posting and making the other changes SLOWLY this time.

Thanks for your patience everyone!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Work Required To Blog

Hi Everyone:

Robot Guy has been generous enough to help me resolve my HTML issues. Touque tip to my pal Ed.

I will not be posting until I have the items resolved. Hopefully I can get back to doing some articles later today/tonight.

Thanks for dropping by ... and please return again soon. I enjoy all of your comments and feedback!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Calling All Blogspot HTML Experts

I spent the better of 2 hours rebuilding my site (sigh...). I need some help in aligning my sidecolumn text where my links start. I must have an align code or margin code that needs to be adjusted, but I am not sure which particular string in the template requires changing in order to accomplish this. I could really use some help as I would like to align my links to the left on the sidebar.

Also, if you don't see your link on the sidebar (and you did previously) would you please let me know and give me the link hookup again so I can put you back in. Some of you (Brian A. for sure) have unique identities that I cannot set up on my own.

Thanks for the help ... I appreciate any that I can get.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Well That's What You Get

Well I was trying some fancy stuff and went too far. Somehow I removed a string of text which really screwed me up. It's taken me a bit to rebuild to where I am now. I will have to add back in links, etc. and am off for a good nights sleep in order to accomplish this tomorrow.

Animal Marriage On the Horizon

So who said that being able to marry an animal won't happen?

Here is a brief excerpt from an article over at The Reformer's Firebrand.

.... Mr. Singer defended bestiality, noting that while taboos against oral sex, contraception, masturbation and homosexuality have all largely been done away with, bestiality has not.

He went on to explain that its taboo was a mere pretext for distinguishing ourselves from animals, "erotically and any other way", and thus denying them fair treatment. He explained that some intra-species relationships could lead to "mutually satisfying conclusions".

Here is another excerpt:

A more real example involves Phillip Buble, who claims to be married to his dog, and that his marriage is just as valid in the eyes of God as any other marriage.

So how long will it be folks before the marriage law is changed again?

Ottawa Citizen Editor Dazed and Confused

"I've been dazed and confused for so long it's not true". Lyrics sung by Led Zepplin seem to apply to this editor.

"The U.S. invaded Afghanistan, the U.S. and Britain invaded Iraq; Canada belatedly contributed a few soldiers to the first campaign, and has stayed out of the second altogether."

Okay - what planet is this guy on. Didn't my post here expressly state that we are sending over another 250 PPCLI from Edmonton. Maybe because they are Albertan's, they don't count?

"Not to put too fine a point on it, but it's hard to see how we're worth it. If you're going to go out with a bang, you want the bang to be heard around the world. You want your grisly message to carry maximum symbolic freight. In short, you want to strike at the heart of the Great Satan, not at Satan's little helper."

Another dazzling quote from this idiot but not based in reality. Wasn't Egypt bombed yesterday? The resort was loaded with Russians, Israeli's, Brits ... so does he consider Egypt the "Great Satan" or "Satan's little helpers.."?

You know, if guys like him want to live in their own little Michael Jackson type bubble then that's fine. But don't spout junk out of your mouth with obviously no facts to back up your statements Mr. Anderson. Considering you are on the editorial board, you should know better

Sick Killer Gets Death

"For the temporary gratification of his lust, the defendant destroyed an entire family's future," the judge said. "He has forfeited his right to live."

Those words were handed down after Alejandro Avila was sentenced to death for the brutal sexual assault and death of Samantha Runnion, a sweet 5 year old girl who was playing innocently and grabbed from her front yard kicking and screaming. Her nude body was found the following day in the mountains about 50 miles away.

"I know she looked at you with those amazing brown eyes and you still wanted to kill her," Erin Runnion tearily told Alejandro Avila.

Avila, sitting motionless and looking away, did not appear to be moved by Mrs. Runnion's outrage and grief.

Now if he was in Canada, Avila would get a lifetime award to club Fed - free food, free education, free first class air and hotel, free lawyers, and no fear of death by execution.

We need to bring back the death penalty for child killers and cop killers - period.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Fun Stuff Friday

What would a Friday be without a little chuckle. Our theme again today is games, but this time of a religious persuasian instead of political. Enjoy!

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What little kid doesn't look forward to their first jihad?

Image hosted by
Tweens just love the "Make Me Look Like Hillary Duff" potion

Defining the New Tories

Debris Trail over at Celestial Junk gave me some food for thought about where I stand politically, and I thought this would be a great topic of discussion, so I want to ask my other fellow bloggers their definition of what Debris calls the "new CPC"'ers.

In my 24 years of being able to vote, I have run the gamit (NDP, CPC, Green) and have done the same provincially. I tend to think of myself as a traditionalist in nature, with conservative leanings, especially when it comes to finance. But I am also liberal enough to want certain intangible freedoms as those entrenched in the Charter (as long as the Charter is used for the correct purposes - but that's another article all together).

I spend most of my time on the conservative leaning blogs and for good reason. The authors, by in large, are intelligent and articulate and are some of the best debaters I have seen. They offer credible solutions to some of Canada's greatest issues. By far they are the most patriotic.

But that isn't to say that I haven't met some NDP'ers who are smart cats. I would tend to call them soft NDP'ers who most likely now vote Green because Green offers more fiscally conservative policies, while still offering to maintain social benefits and environmental stewardships. These things are important as well and history has shown that NDP type thinkers have something valid to offer (provided they aren't whining and name-calling).

The Liberals - well ... what can I say. If I had a large enough boot I would take them out. Now you want to talk scary - here are folks with hidden agenda's for sure. I am such a staunch believer in democracy that I don't think I could ever become a Liberal, much less vote for them. I can't think of one positive thing they have done for this country in the last 12 years. If anyone knows of anything would they please point it out.

So there you have my position in a nutshell. I invite all bloggers to offer their definitions and tell me if you agree with Debris' assessment.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Scotty Beams Up for the Last Time

God beamed up Canadian actor James Doohan, on Monday, in Seattle, at the age of 85. He died from complications stemming from pneumonia.

Image hosted by
Here is James (celebrating with his former costars) getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Although many might not know this, Doohan was a Canadian hero, whose service in WWII exposed him to hazardous chemicals, which created the conditions which eventually killed him.

A native of Vancouver, James started his career in radio before venturing into TV in the 1950's. I am sure many of my blogging friends will remember him as engineer Scotty, from the original TV series Star Trek (which, incidentally, was my favorite). For the under 30 crowd, his role was recreated for the Star Trek movie series. The scottish brogue was effected by Doohan, and became his "signature" on the show.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

So for those of you who are curious, here is the fate of the remainder of the original Star Trek crew:

William Shatner (Captain Kirk) - Bill is now 74 and plugging All Bran and Price Line Dot Com products on TV.

Leonard Nimoy (Spock) - Leonard is also 74. His last film project was as the character Atlantean King (voice over) in the film Atlantis, The Lost Empire.

DeForest Kelly (Bones) - Deforest died in 1999 at the age of 79.

George Takei (Sulu) - George is now 68. George's last film work was in 2004 as Dr. Tsai in the movie Patient 14.

Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) - Nichelle is now 73. Nichelle just finished filming Are We There Yet in the role of Miss Mable and is currently filming 02 which is still in production.

Walter Koenig (Chekov) - Walter is now 68. In 2004, Walter recreated his role (albeit in a higher position than ensign) for Star Trek - The New Voyages. He is currently filming Mad Cow Girl which is set to be released in 2006.

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Haloscan Issues

Hi Everyone:

Just wanted to let you know that I was encountering challenges with the Haloscan install. I was completing the process automatically, but it was conflicting with blogspot.

I have completed the task manually now and you are once again free to leave comments.

Thanks for your patience!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Feds Funding Prisoner Travels

My grandmother, god bless her, is 90 this year. She lives in Cornwall, ON where she grew up her whole life. When she eventually passes, will my financial circumstances allow me to go to her funeral? I am not confident of this.

But if I was in prison than this would be a no-brainer. Not only would you, the taxpayer, pick up the tab for my first class flight, you also pick up my hotel and meals. You also pick up the tab of the salary, hotel and meals for the guards choosen to go with me.

Violent offender? No prob - they send me with guards that aren't even equipped to protect themselves should I turn on them in a bid for my freedom. Steve Sullivan, who is President of the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime calls bullshit - and so do I. "The cost to taxpayers, potential security breaches and a sense of injustice are of prime concern". (Now there's a guy with his head on his shoulders).

Bleeding heart Liberal comment: "It is important to maintain a connection to family and community".

Libertarian Reality: Do you think the perp gave a rats about the community or victim when they committed the crime?

So unless I am prepared to commit a crime to get first class accommodations and flights, I will have to hope that I can afford the cheap fares on the thrift airlines and hunker down with family in their homes.

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PM Ignores Will Of The People Again!

Tony from Bend Government has raised the flag on an issue of some importance.

It appears that John Reid, Information Commissioner, has launched the latest round in his lawsuit to try and force the Prime Minister's Office to release Jean Chretien's agenda books under the Access to Information Act. He has accused the Liberal gov' of refusing to comply with Canada's information law. Paul Martin has also been named as a party in the suit.

On June 15, 2005, the House of Commons voted 277 to 2, to continue the appointment of John Reid for another year. But our good old boy PM, chose to ignore Parliament (visa vis the People) and has given him a three month extension.

Image hosted by

Perhaps PM is hoping to get rid of Reid, thereby eliminating the chance of the Chretien books being exposed? Maybe he is going to appoint a new Information Commissioner who may be willing to drop the lawsuit?

Heroes Leaving for Kandahar

I just want to take a few minutes to wish 40 of our heroes well as they embark on their security mission in Afghanistan.

The troops, who will be stationed in Kandahar, flew out of Edmonton yesterday after a send off from General Rick Hillier. They are the first of a total of 250 from the 3rd battalion of the PPCLI. They will provide security for the Afghans who are trying to stabilize the region in order to rebuild their country.

They help people like this:

Image hosted by

"These men and women are well trained". We know that everything has been put in place to reduce the risk of casualties - you just can't reduce the risk to zero", stated Hillier. (For those of you who don't know, the PPCLI is being stationed in one of the most violent and unstable regions in the Middle East).

Here is some of the work they do:

Image hosted by

These selfless acts of heroism do not go unnoticed on the Exposed Agenda. My hat goes off to these champions of freedom.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Commissioner Ousted for Dressing Better Than Gay Parade Entrants

This mess just gets deeper and deeper. Neale News is reporting tonight that a Saskatchewan Commissioner is about to get fired for his refusal to perform a "marriage" for two gays.

The way I see it, the gay & lesbian activists are going to use their new found leverage (compliments of power hungry socialists who lied about religious protections, and cared little for the outfall), to anihilate the Christian right.

Village People devotees - like these guys(?):

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

And they are actively seeking out opponents to SSM and targeting them for "crucifiction" - people like Orville Nicols who do not feel comfortable performing services for homosexuals.

As Mr. Nicols points out, there are several other commissioners who would be willing to perform the ceremony, but the sods are specifically targeting Mr. Nicols solely based on his religious indoctrination.

Much to his chagrin, Mr. Nicols can now join the ranks of Bishop Henry of Calgary, and Mr. Jim Chandler, Concerned Christians of Canada, who are also being brought before the HRC based on their religious beliefs. I'm sure in his 25 years as a Commissioner, he never dreamed he would be punished for being a Christian.

Of course, then again, maybe they are just upset that Mr. Nicols has better fashion sense then they do.

New Canadian Olympic Sport

Can't wait to watch this sport in 2008. And the great thing is anyone at any age can play!

Ontario Vermin Invade Alberta

This kinda scum can stay in Ontario where the bleeding heart socialists coddle these kinds of vermin.

Perhaps because Ottawa is my hometown too, I have a special affinity for this young lady. I too was blessed by the good fortunes offered out West when I moved to Alberta 20 years ago, and I am deeply saddened that this parasite took advantage of Banff's hospitality and trustworthy locals by victimizing this young lady and terrorizing a town where believe it or not, it's still safe to leave your door unlocked.

Image hosted by
Here is a photo of the loser flippin the bird to the journalists.

Monday, July 18, 2005

You Love Me ... You Really Love Me

Edmontonians, 100K strong, showed their love to Swannie McLellan at the Grand Prix finals on Sunday - by booing her.

The 3 day event, culminating on Sunday with trophy awards, was THE event for Edmonton this summer. So of course, where else would Swannie be (press coverage and all). And true to form, Edmontonians showed their appreciation for her efforts.

Interestingly, the press didn't include the "applause" factor in with their coverage of this story.

Here she is at the wedding of her gay hairdresser, Sedrick, to her soon to be former boss.

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Politics Free Day

Today is a day that is going to be politic talk free ... I mean, everyone needs a day of rest - no matter what part of the political spectrum you are on.

Blog Radio - Coming To A Station Near You?

Have a peek at Shaken's blog today. He has suggested that there "might there be an adjunct to the blogosphere in the form of audio ranting? I don't know about you all, but I for one would listen in to some of my favorite bloggers".

I say it's an idea whose time has come.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Defender Of Charter (When It Suits Them)

Anonalogue was posting a news article from CP about the CPC expressing their displeasure that the federal government has endorsed the Quebec government’s request for an 18-month stay on the Supreme Court judgement striking down the ban on private health insurance in the province.

Well gosh Mr. Dithers - I could have sworn on February 16, 2005 while addressing the Speaker of the House, you made this comment:

"I believe in, and I will fight for, the Charter of Rights. I believe in, and I will fight for, a Canada that respects the foresight and vision of those who created and entrenched the Charter. I believe in, and I will fight for, a future in which generations of Canadians to come, Canadians born here and abroad, will have the opportunity to value the Charter as we do today – as an essential pillar of our democratic freedoms."

Guess that includes the freedom to die too?? Hypocritical = Liberal Party of Canada

Image hosted by

Pokin Fun At Juvies

Richard over at Cannunickstan Chronicles is having fun with the juvie NDP'ers over at Rabble.

Here is a picture of one of them that was sent over to me.

Image hosted by
Look - he even remembered to get his daily dose of potassium - good boy ..

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Flags of Convenience?

My blogging pal at Crittermusings has an excellent post and forwarding link on PM the Sweatship King, that would even make those on the left pissed at their saviour.

Here is an excerpt from this must read story:

Halifax union shipping inspector John Parsons. “They’re only getting paid like $2.20 an hour or something like that. And you know, they weren’t getting paid properly for their overtime, so we put in a complaint.”

Okay Everyone - Follow Along

And a 1... 2... 3...!

He Does Michael Proud

Did you enjoy the auditions on American Idol?? If so, you will absolutely love this contestant's audition on Malaysian Idol.

I'd Do It Again

"I don't feel your pain. I have to admit that I don't have any sympathy for you. I can't feel for you because you are a non-believer".
Those chilling words were heard this week by Theo Van Gogh's mother, whose son was shot, stabbed and partially beheaded by Mohammed Bouyeri, a 27 year old Dutch born Moroccan. The reason for the filmmaker's death? Because of his writings and tv documentaries about Islam.

"I acted purely in the name of my religion. I can assure you that one day, should I be set free, I would do the same, exactly the same".
Chilling words to be sure.

So my question is how in the world do you "talk" a person like this out of grabbing a backpack full of explosives and putting themselves onto a bus loaded with innocents? Any answers from the left???

Friday, July 15, 2005

Canada Is At War

Paul Martin has declared that Canada is at war. Here is the briefing from CP News.


OTTAWA (CP) - If Canadians were shocked that the head of their military called his enemy "detestable murderers and scumbags," they better get used to it. Gen. Rick Hillier has never minced words, nor is he likely to start any time soon.

His blunt assessment of terrorists in Afghanistan and elsewhere this week has the wholehearted backing of the Prime Minister.

Image hosted by

"General Hillier is not only a top soldier, he is a soldier who has served in Afghanistan," Paul Martin said Friday in Nova Scotia.

"The point he is simply making is we are at war with terrorism and we're not going to let them win."

So NOW we are at war ... what - we weren't when CANADIANS WERE BEING KILLED IN THE WTC - only when the Brits get bombed.

The never ending chutzpah of this guy just amazes me. He has to be the BIGGEST dimwit I have ever seen.

Let me tell you something PMPM ... most of us on the right have been at WAR with the terrorists since they killed our FELLOW CANADIANS (and AMERICANS, and BRITIANS, and JUST ABOUT EVERY OTHER FREE COUNTRY) on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. Not that you bothered to listen.

Perhaps my American friends can take heart that our simple minded PM has finally woken up from his latest stupor .... whether it will last has yet to be seen. They said this same crap 4 years ago and we aren't any further ahead. The proof will be in the pudding.

Until then, I will continue to stand on guard for the true north strong and free.

Where Ya Been Swannie?

I almost choked on my coffee when I read this quote from Swannie MacLellan about terrorist threats in Canada, "I think that we have, perhaps, for too long, thought that these are things that happen somewhere else. I was shocked to learn that until last January, federal and provincial ministers responsible for emergency preparedness had not met in 11 years".

So where the hell have you and your Liberal counterparts been for the last 11 years Annie?? Right wing conservative groups have been telling you fatheads since 9/11 that we are a target for terrorists and that an action plan is required. But what does the Liberal Party do? Like the dolts they have proven themselves to be, they have mutilated our army and have made them as useful as a bag full of plastic GI Joes and Janes.

They have constantly downplayed threats to Canada by allowing known terrorists to reside here. They ignore the gaping holes in our refugee and immigration system which allows these terror cells to set up shop on our soil. They hire high school and college students to man border crossings, increasing an already immediate threat to our friends and neighbours in the US.

They have brainwashed a generation of kool-aid Canadians into becoming boorish and arrogant - who believe that we are just a peacekeeping nation with no enemies in the world. They believe that Canada's tolerance to multi-ethnic communities will somehow make us a non target for these killers in backpacks. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are no friends of Islam. We have been labelled a target and should be doing everything we can to prepare for the eventuality of bombings. It isn't a question of when, it's only a question of time. And it will be at that time that we will turn to our southernly neighbours for help. And because I know that regardless of the disrespect they receive from some Canadians, they will be gracious and comforting while they help us pick up the pieces and find the killers.

Which is good... because all the Liberals will offer us is the same rhetoric currently being spewed by Swannie MacLellan.

Red Tory Swine Plunder Albertans Again

What else do you call a group who just voted themselves a pay hike of $103,000/annum?? You "heard" me right, $103K. Only in Alberta - where the Liberals hide under the banner of Red Tory and put their snouts into the trough compliments of Joe and Jane Albertan.

While King Ralph was busy trying to deflect Albertan serfs attention away by talking about SSM, he secretly passed resolutions 338 & 339, allowing Deputy Ministers (and their equivalents) to take a pay hike from $157K/annum to $200K/annum. They will also qualify for bonuses up to 30% of base salary (or $60K on a $200K salary).

This is unacceptable. Folks, you need to be sending King Ralph an email, expressing yourself in bold terms (I have done so already - and informed him that he will not be getting my vote next election - for me this was the straw the broke the camels back).

For those of conservative leaning who are as fed up as I am, I urge you to read the Alberta Alliance policy platform and consider becoming a member. They offer a solid right wing alternative, electoral reforms, fundamentally sound changes to the health care model so that publically funded health care can really work for the benefit of everyone and offer tax and citizen initiative reforms so that taxpayers will actually have a true democractic party working for them. They also have some exciting leadership contenders (who I can't disclose right now... but soon hopefully) that I think can bring about some exciting changes. These are people who are truly committed to serving the public interest ... not in how much money they can make off Joe & Jane taxpayer when they aren't looking.

Vigiliance in holding your politicians accountable is essential. The silence of Alberta citizens equals permission for the Red Tories to continue to plunder your paycheque.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fun Games For Politicians

Image hosted by
Warning: This game may be too hard for socialists.

Image hosted by
Ralph Goodale lost this game 50 times before he gave up!

Image hosted by
I'd like to buy western alienation for $500

Bend Over Jack ... Can You Feel It Coming???

Good thing the NDP supports SSM, because they are about to get sodomized by the Liberals.

Liberal MP John McKay, Parliamentary Secretary to Finance Minister Ralph Goodale, Tuesday told the Senate Committee on Finance, currently studying the bill, that the government will not know its 2005-06 surplus until August or September 2006. Not a penny from the NDP-negotiated budget can be spent until then, and only if the government has a $2-billion surplus.

NDP MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis said the original agreement with the government stipulated the money was supposed to flow this fall after a surplus had been estimated, which she said is expected to be $8 or $9 billion.

"That's not the deal," said Wasylycia-Leis. "The NDP may have to revisit the bargain with the government", she said, adding she expects the government to keep its commitments because it has readily sold them to the public.

Okay - - have you stopped laughing yet? Can we start the "I told you so" chorus yet?

I don't know why Jack Layton thought his precious NDP'ers were beyond being screwed over by the Liberals. My smart Mama used to tell me "If they will do it to others, they will do it to you". Now surely I didn't have the only smart Mom in the country did I?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More Late Breaking News

This just in ..........

Image hosted by
Yipes... are we in trouble??

War Mongering Misconceptions

A sensible blogging site Celestial Junk has a link to a post worth checking out (Logic Time - Fuzzy Moral Math). Touque Tip to Junker who "has a knack for spotting geopolitical goodies".

It debunks the misconception of more people being killed by American/British intervention (as touted by anti-war protestors), and actually does the math to back up their position on lives saved.

One of the most poignant posts was made by Marzena from Poland, herself a survivor of wars and uprisings. Here is a brief excerpt:

"So what was the benefit that so much exceeded the appalling cost, in human and material terms? Only such intangibles as human dignity, the sense of justice and a certain standard of conduct to uphold. People who have never been deprived of those, really and truly do not understand what it is like to live without and how much it may be worth to get it back. I do wish them never to have to learn that lesson, because the cost of learning by experience may be highest for those of us who do not even need it."

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Carolyn Parrish School for Dimwits?

Now here is a good way to cut down on the amount of tourism dollars spent in Toronto every year.

Leave it to idiots like these in GTA to embarass us. WTF is wrong with you kool-aiders?? You don't have any problems listening to American music, drinking their soda (Coke/Pepsi), eating their snacks (Lays/McDonald's), watching their movies/tv shows, but I guess if they come to visit, you spit on their property and give them the finger. Talk about the height of hypocrisy and chutzpah. You all need a swift kick in the arse for being so obtuse.

My American friends you must understand. These jerks obviously graduated from the GTA School for Dimwits where corpulent Carilyn Parrish teaches. They do NOT speak for me!

I say to all my American friends - you are WELCOME in ALBERTA anytime!

Let the Revolution Begin

King Ralph used his annual Stampede Breakfast to introduce health care reforms, which he has been touting for years. (I am sure this is part of the "legacy" Ralphie wants to have on his bio as well).

I will give some credit to the Tories for at least trying to change the status quo. It doesn't surprise me that the Libs and Friends of Medicare don't like the changes -they are certainly "status quo" groups. The NDP's suggestion of reduction of pharma care and prescription drug costs is going to be implemented, with modifications. Although, why the NDP was the only one to suggest bulk purchasing is beyond me. You'd think as Conservatives (conservative being the operative word) that this idea would have come to them already. A good suggestion nonetheless and Brian Mason (NDP leader) should be duly mentioned and given a toque tip for thinking outside the box.

It is important that the health care revolution begin to ensure funding meets demand for future generations.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Fun Stuff Monday

It's been a while since it was fun stuff day and we could all certainly use those. I have an assorted batch of fun stuff for all my blogging buddies today.


Canada Immigration Verification Test

Mujibar was applying for refugee status. He had completed the majority of the forms and only had a short quiz and photo ID left to get. The Immigration Officer said, "Okay, Mr. Mujibar, you have passed all the tests, except for a short quiz. Unless you pass this quiz, we cannot allow you entry into Canada."

Mujibar said, "I am ready." The Officer said, "Make a sentence using the words yellow, pink and green." Mujibar thought for a few minutes and said, "Mister Officer, I am ready." The Officer said, "Go ahead."

Mujibar said, "The telephone goes green, green, green, and I pink it up, and say, 'yellow, this is Mujibar.'"

Mujibar now lives in your neighborhood and works for Telus in their Help Desk dept.

Do You Hate Mondays??

Betcha this guy does!

So What Was The Long Range Forecast??

I'm not sure?? And I don't think this weatherman has a clue either. P.S. The anchors aren't too bright either.

Oh Oh.

Image hosted by

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Private Health - But Only For Rich??

Adrienne Clarkson was jettisoned to the front line yesterday in order to have a pacemaker installed due to heart irregularities.

I think her medical condition is just another example of how publicly funded health care only benefits healthy Canadians. As an example, Peter Warren had people from across the country email him yesterday who were experiencing the same medical condition.

The waiting periods were anywhere from 6 weeks (for a consultation with a heart specialist) to over 8 months (bearing in mind that this is considered outpatient surgery with patients going home same day).

Just another fine example of the great Canadian Health Care System where the average person is denied the immediate medical attention they need. Something has to change folks. If the message isn't loud and clear that the system requires a major overhaul then you will never hear it.

I urge you to re-read my post about health care money following the patient. It is a real and tangible solution that we can grab onto in order to aid in the recovery of our health system. Comparing ourselves to North Korea should NOT be a compliment to anyone. There are so many other viable systems available that we need not only look at the US for alternatives.

Image hosted by

Chuck Cadman

I read in the paper this morning that Chuck Cadman died yesterday. My condolences go out to his family.

Partisan politics aside, Mr. Cadman represented his constituents admirably, considering his health condition. Although I believe his approval of the budget was the result of interference run by Irwin Cotler, who persuaded Cadman to vote yes in exchange for tougher changes to the juvie laws, his intentions, I think, were honourable.

I mean, after all, it wasn't like the Tories didn't stab him in the back during the last election in order to get a "preferred" candidate running under the Tory banner. What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

If the Tories want to be honourable, my suggestion is that they change their tactics so gentlemen of character, such as Mr. Cadman, remain in their party.

God's speed Mr. Cadman. RIP.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Psychopath Promotes Free Will

Here are some quotes from a sicko freak that should make your skin crawl. Check out these quotes:

"The only cure for crime is love. Everything else is just more crime."

"There can be only one." Free will is more than just the ability to choose. The choice must be accompanied by the power to act on the choice. And if that power is limited, then it is not free will; it is in fact limited will. And limited will is not free will, because whoever sets the limits is the one controlling you, possibly even against your will."

"Fact: If we had treated Germany with even a little respect (i.e. love) after WWI, she would have never let Hitler lead her."

"I don’t go overboard with the cat lover thing. I just respect them the same as I would respect any creature, even my mouse before it died. I treated my mouse the way I thought was best for his happiness. I do the same for my cats, and I try to do the same for all people I meet. Yes, even the ones I do not like. It’s not always easy, but the harder it is, the more I grow by doing it."

"I have a new fan, Jerry, who thinks I should make a documentary about my experiences. Keep your eyes on the air waves, Jerry, I could be famous sooner than you think, but hopefully not too soon".

These are but a few of the writings of pyschopath and pedophile Joseph Duncan, who kept a small 8 year old girl (Shasta Groene) from Idaho for over 6 weeks while molesting her and her 9 year old brother (now feared dead). This girl has alleged that Duncan also acted alone in the brutual beating deaths of her mother, stepdad and brother. He was previously convicted of raping, sodomizing and setting on fire a 14 year old boy, for which he served 16 years in prison. The FBI are also looking into other similar crimes for which he may be responsible.

Check out his blog here. What bothers me just as much is those zealots who thought it better to try and coddle him with religious fervor instead of reporting him to authorities. Perhaps lives could have been saved and one little girl wouldn't have to live her life remembering this nightmare.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Bloggers Have Influence

No matter what side of the blog you're on, this poll should make you feel pretty good about the amount of time you spend on posts.

Personally, I wholly support the notion that bloggers are an influential bunch - provided the rhetoric is kept down and some sensible (and factual) information is relayed.

I am sure many of you have blogged or seen a blog about a particular subject, only to have remenants of it appear in newspaper editorial comments and the like. I know that I have seen that happen here in Calgary.

I think another reason blogging is so influential is that you can clearly delineate between right and left. People are tired of listening to one-sided MSM. At least on blogs you can get both sides of the coin, without the crap.

So the message is loud and clear. Your opinion is being heard. Keep on bloggin.

Muppet Movie Reviews

Remember Statler and Waldorf, the two old guys in the balcony who were always critizing the performance of the muppets on stage? Well - now they do movie reviews.

You can check out their latest reviews (current movies too) here.


I would like to take a moment and wish all my fellow Calgarian's a whoop ass good time during Stampede.

As a former Eastener, I found Stampede pretty strange at first (all those cowboys and everybody dressed up). But over the years, I have come to realize that it showcases the best of who Calgarians are. You work hard all year so you can party for 10 days straight in order to do the following:

- eat free (if you are up for the challenge of hopping around)
Image hosted by

- stay pretty soused if you wish (for free at alot of places)
Image hosted by

- take in some great entertainment
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

- you aren't forced to wear boots, hats or those crappy bolero's that strangle you
Image hosted by

Those those who want to check out the action on the midway - have a lookie here.

However you spend it - enjoy!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Poster Child for Anti-Drug Campaign

The Moonbats are out in full force today. Check out this wingnut's comment about my previous post on the bombing in London today.

"Pray tell, what venerable Canadian institute would they bomb? Tim Hortons? a casino? a strip club in Montreal?"

Okay bonehead. What about the oilfields in Alberta?? (Typical lefty comment - world revolves around him only).

"Talk about "superiority complex that drives the left"... I think you've jumped on the bandwagon. You seem to forget that the largest population centers of Canada are about equivalent to suburbs of New York, L.A or London."

Oh, I see - so only if they have a population of +60,000 million is Al Qaeda allowed to kill citizens (however small the numbers)?? You should tell that to Italy and Denmark then, who were also on the target list. I mean, once they hear your theory, they will feel so much better.

"It should be noted that the MacKenzie Institute report fails to mention the Roman Catholic Church, which has been known terrorize MPs who supported SSM, or the Right to Life crowd, who've been known to terrorize abortion clinics."

After I stopped laughing, I realized he was serious. Your homosexuality is showing Noel. I mean, who else would compare Al-Qaeda terrorists to SSM marriage opponents. Drink the kool-aid Noel... drink the kool-aid.

This fella is, in my opinion, the perfect example of what the poster child for anti-drug use should be. Check out this statement from his site, trying I guess to explain why his brain is mush.

"I'm a child of the 60s - nurtured on free love, protest marches and utopian sci-fi novels, which, undoubtedly, explains my libertarian socialist tendencies. As such, I'm much more inclined to wistfully sing one of my favourite John Lennon songs.

You can guess the translation: hippy parents who smoked way too much weed and dropped too much acid while listening to Janice and Jimmy (protest marches, love-ins, trippy sci-fi novels).

Listen up peeps. This guy should be a warning to anyone who doesn't think drugs can harm your kids.

Busta Move

Who's bad?? This guy is.

Terrorist In Your Backyard??

Those crazy Al-Quaeda lunatics are at it again. The London tragedy is sad, but not surprising, as Britain is considered part of their target group. Canada is also included, but many (apathetic) Canadians don't think it will happen here (it's part of that superiority complex that drives the left).

Since 9/11, the pacifist Canadian gov't has allowed terrorist groups to continue to set up shop in Canada, directing terror activities worldwide from their safe havens in Ontario and BC (I guess they didn't consider the loss of Canadian lives in 9/11 a big enough threat).

As far back as 2002, CSIS has been trying to raise awareness of our vunerability as, not only a target, but a serious threat to our southernly neighbours. These folks experienced a scenario so frightening in nature that they have been left severely bruised and will forever be overtly cautious of anyone who even looks like they might pose a threat. This reaction is a natural one.

CSIS Director W.P. Elcock, giving an address in 2002 stated:

"Terrorists have sought haven in Canada. Hardly surprising, given our reputation for openness – both for money and people – along with probably the most multi-ethnic population in the world drawn, in part, from areas of conflict around the world. The issue is, what we as a country do to prevent those who seek such haven from succeeding?"

How about sending them back to their country of origin where it would make it harder for them to direct activities with such freedom and technological advances??

Do you have one living across your backyard? Check out the MacKenzie Institute link - where they published the names of known terrorists (as at 2003) living and operating in Canada (notice the bulk of them live in the land of the leftist loonies).

If I were an American, I wouldn't feel too comfortable having known terrorists living that close to me, especially knowing that the areas where these villians live are well endoctrinated in the anti-American vitriol.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

And Now, For Something Completely Different

Sometimes you just need a laugh.

Ouvrez La Bouche - Insérer La Pied

I haven't seen the Loud Mouth Snook since they pulled old Bugs Bunny shows from TV. That was, until today. Leave it to that "trou du cul" Chirac to screw up the chance for France to host the Olympics (see Kate's post).

The opinions expressed are certainly only those of Chirac, but with devestating results to his fellow countrymen. It certainly doesn't help the cultural stigma of the French being smug and arrogant.

Besides, he shouldn't be so quick to talk. I mean, after all, don't they use blood to thicken their sauces?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Stories That Make You Go Awww...

I have a busy morning ahead of me but will leave you with a couple of sites to check out. They are sure to bring a smile to your face... and maybe even make you go awww.

Cultural Preconceptions?

Moses the Crow

Have a great day everyone!

Karla "Look at Me, Look at Me" Teale

"I don't want to be hunted". This was the cry heard from psychopath Karla Teale, who professed to want no publicity and to be left alone. So where was the first place she went after being released?? Not her new apartment (furnished kindly by Jane & Joe Cdn); not to the Tim Horton's for an iced cappuccino, but right to the media.

If she wasn't so fake, she could almost come off as being believable. This is how she suckered the Crown into giving her the lame deal she got.

For those of you who haven't seen these letters, they were written to author Stephen Williams (who wrote a book about her) in 2001/2002. They are very telling of her personality and mindset, and, if nothing else, portray the slack conditions in prison.

It sounds like she had a great time in prison, and was very "influential" (gag gag gag). It offered her all the conveniences of home, sans the taxes or money required to enjoy "freedom" on the outside.

Let's all hope, that in this instance, there is karma, and what goes around will come around to her.

Karla... there is a place for people like you especially reserved in hell. Don't forget to bring your suntan lotion!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Birthday USA

Image hosted by

I was in a rush this morning, but certainly would not pass this day away without wishing all my American family, friends, and especially my blogging buddies, a very happy birthday.

Since I am vehemently anti anti-American, here is my list of 10 things that make the US a great place to live (and live beside):

1) America offers more opportunity and social mobility than any other country, including Europe - hands down.

2) America is the biggest melting pot in the world and has achieved some of the greatest social equalities due to this fact.

4) The majority of Americans have fuller and more successful lives than those in other countries (including Canada).

5) In America, you can create your own destiny and financial wealth.

6) America has one of the best foreign policies and uses it's position as super power to promote democracy and freedom throughout the world.

7) America is a true democracy and empowers it's citizens so that this fundamental right is protected.

8) They offer some of the best medical care and are responsible for the creation of medicines used to combat some of our worst diseases.

9) They offer the best entertainment, whether that be acting, musical or comedic talent (and if they were good in Canada they went to the US quickly).

10) They live just south of some of the greatest folks on Earth!

Lefty Agenda Misconceptions

Since Trudeau became PM (by most lefty standards, there wasn't a Canada before him... gag gag gag), they have been pushing an agenda full of misconceptions, but being touted as truth, because of a "live and let live" attitude.

Some people believe their agenda will eventually drive people to self destruction (think Romans). Fringe activitists have been extraordinarily diligent in their attempts to raze faith and the structure of universally accepted family units.

Firstly, they began by promoting sexual freedom through a contraceptive mentality and a promise of greater personal fulfillment and happiness. Did this secure your happiness and personal fulfillment? Ask any single mom who struggles - she will tell you differently. Ask anyone suffering from a sexually transmitted disease (some fatal like AIDS) - they will tell you differently. How about the teenager who is pregnant, resulting in single parenting or abortion. Did the lefty agenda make them deliriously happy and self fulfilled??

Secondly, once they got the gov't to buy into the above misconception (because of their need for pleasure and convenience), the next step, the one that the Liberals just passed, is ending marriage and the legitimizing of all kinds of sexual unions of every type. Of interesting note, the Netherlands, whose minority liberal gov't passed same sex marriage in 2000, is now governed by the Christian Democratic Appeal who are the the largest Dutch political party at municipal, provincial, national and European levels of government. Perhaps realizing small minority gov'ts are able to pass legislation that is not majority driven?

Lastly, the final step is to condemn faith driven institutions, and chastize those within those groups who would raise concerns. This will be how faith dies. As we can see, this is now coming to pass. Soon biblical texts will be considered hate literature (I don't read it but you should be allowed to if you want to).

What will be interesting is to see how long it will take this final misconception to become clear ( .. and they say I have a hidden agenda...).

Flags, Flags - Everywhere a Flag

Image hosted by

The Rebel Albertan has some interesting flag ideas from various groups, for the Western Republic of Canada (The Search for Old Glory Continues).

While I don't personally advocate separation (at least without giving it the "old college try"), I think the design concepts are unique and showcase some of the depth of compassion these artists feel. For, in my opinion, if they didnt' care so deeply about what ails Canada, they wouldn't take the time to think of alternatives. Only when the mind is awakened from it's stupor can unique ideas stem forth.

Animus facit nobilem - The spirit makes humans noble

Saturday, July 02, 2005


If you love (or just enjoy) The Simpsons, you must check this Conan O'Brien clip out.

Image hosted by

David Frum's Unhappy Dominion Day

My blogging buddy Akira has a link to David Frum's article (if you are old enough to remember, David is the son of Barbara Frum, a fine journalist if there ever was one, who anchored the CBC news for years). Of course, that was when the CBC was a little more balanced.

The article discusses Canada, and David's perception of what it has become. It is well worth reading, and really parlays into my discussion yesterday about Canada needing a hero. It should also be a wake up call for anyone who still doesn't think that Canada is quickly becoming a socialist/communist country that will have little in the way to offer it's citizens, nor have any standing on the world stage. It is for all the same reasons, I too have a heavy heart.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love this country - I just hate the government running it and the acrimony that now divides many Cdns. I have lived and travelled far and wide in this country (born in Montreal, grew up in Ontario and Manitoba and have spent the last 20 years in Alberta) and can attest to the fact that the majority of Cdns are just like me... friendly, tolerant and desirous of a sound future both economically and environmentally for our children and family.

So what is required in order to ensure Canada's viability both locally and internationally? Getting rid of the Liberals would help significantly. Enforcing provincial constitution rights would help alter the agenda of the Feds significantly. Perhaps all that is required is for Cdns to get angry enough in order to do what is necessary to remain free.

I sure don't know all the answers. But I do know that a once bountiful, prosperous and "free" country is quickly becoming less significant and more dictorial than the smallest of 3rd world countries. What a "ball kick" to all the service men and women who have died (both pre and post 9/11) in order to preserve our freedom.

Image hosted by
Ab uno disce omnes - From one person, learn all people

Friday, July 01, 2005

National Symbol

To further the agenda of Dominion Day celebrations, check out this funny link on Canadian Beavers.

Canada Needs a Hero

Over my morning coffee I was pondering this question. With all the upheaval and mayhem going on in Ottawa, why hasn't any major business leader stepped forward to express their concern over the extremely poor leadership and financial decisions being made by those dimwits who call themselves gov't representatives (yes - I know there are some who still go to Ottawa for the right reasons but they are few and far between these days in my opinion)?

In the past year, not one leader from our larger corporate entities has either had the courage, or "man meat" to speak out about the mismanagement of our country. We already know that many small business owners feel as I do and they voice their opinions anywhere they can get a audience (however small or large - ie. Chambers of Commerce, etc.).

Perhaps the "big time" executives are being silenced by backdoor deals brokered without our knowledge? Perhaps they get the right tax breaks or are paid so handsomely, that they have little regard for the middle class, who make up the bulk of Canada?

I don't know what the answer is really ... perhaps my fellow bloggers have some thoughts about why we have had a very poor showing in leadership, not just politically, but corporately as well.


"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" - Sir Winston Churchill.

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