Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Seven More Things You Can't Say in Canada

I think I can add my own list to the one created by Readers Digest!

1) The beaver, symbol of Canada, is a slow, dim-witted animal that sometimes chews off his tail - much like left wingers.

2) Telling Walt Disney he had no talent was a real fuck up.

3) Telling Avril Lavigne she had talent was a real fuck up.

4) Most Native Bands do a better job of managing their resources and finances than the current gov't, who profess to be experts.

5) Teachers across the country are producing cities full of illiterate high school grads and they still complain they work too hard.

6) Emailing MP's only get's your mail deleted by their assistants - unless you are a constituent.

7) Cdn bloggers are smarter and more astute politically than all talking head MSM pundits put together.


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