Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Liberals Stand for Nothing

I wasn't going to enter into the foray of the SSM legislation, but I am rather miffed at the Liberals attempts to force feed this issue down constituents throats (rather like forced oral sex) in order to garner votes.

Of interest, is a poll (100,000 responded) conducted by Grant Hill, MP, that indicates Cdns 3:1 want these types of changes to law brought about through referendum and not on the whim of desperate politicians trying to hold on to some sort of elusive power.

While I think all Cdns would agree that it is wrong to discriminate against someone based on a brain disorder, it would appear that by rushing through legislation not well thought out is just asking for trouble.

But that's always been the problem of Paul Martin and the Liberals (and the CPC these days) wherein they attempt to appease everyone and think not of long term consequences. A wise man once said that "if you stand for everything then you stand for nothing". The Liberals stand for nothing.

I am pro family - not anti SS. For me there is a clear distinction between the two. My issue is about the kids and the consequences these poorly thought out pieces of legislation bring about for them. If anyone bothered to ask their opinion, they would tell you that they would prefer having a mother and a father raising them. Not just one parent, not two of the same sex, but one of each.

But, as ususal, securing votes is more appealing to the Liberals then ensuring successful results when passing legislation. If you haven't done so already, take a moment to email your MP expressing your opinion about this piece of legislation. It's one of the few "freedoms" you have left. Exercise it before that too taken from you at the whim of politico's.


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