Tuesday, June 21, 2005

CP Gives the Liberals Some BS

Gotta say I was happy to hear that a Montana judge has granted the CP's the chance to make a case for Western Ranchers on the mad cow issue. It's been a brutal blow to farmers whose livelihood depends on getting the border reopened. Alberta, Sask and Manitoba rely heavily on the cattle industry and it's critical that the border opening delays be stopped once and for all.

The Liberals dropped the ball BIG TIME by not pursuing an appeal to their original application and should be hanging their heads in shame considering 64 CP MP's were able to get these farmers some status at the hearings.

But opening the border is only a partial solution to this issue. There is a huge need for Canada to package and process our own meat instead of relying on the US to purchase live product. As much as I applaud those politicians for trying to do something, they are still only solving part of the problem in my opinion. Meat packing plants must become a reality in order for Ranchers to have the security of knowing that their cattle will be sold and that their livelihoods will not be taken from them at the whim of outside market sources.

The other thing we can ALL do as Canadians is to support your local farmers - whatever it is they farm. Purchase Canadian products first, then imports second. That way we all do our part to help our fellow Canadians.


At Tue. Jun. 21, 08:17:00 p.m. MDT, Anonymous rob said...

Nothing to see here ... move along..

The Librano$ hate the west, would you expect them to react to any concern out here? This probably could have been settled long ago.... Oh and to keep slamming the west into submission... SSM and Kyoto is next. PM Dithers is already talking about INCREASING our(meaning Alberta), commitment.


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