Monday, May 23, 2005

Sinclair Stevens Saves Canada?

While I normally don't endorse websites, I did find this one offered a rather interesting perspective. A bit of background first so you can give the site the consideration it deserves.

For those of you too young to remember, Sinclair Stevens was a Conservative MP first elected in 1972 and lost the leadership bid in 1976 after coming in 7th on the ballot. He was forced to resign his seat in 1987 amidst shameful and bitter conflict of interest allegations - on which he eventually was found guilty on 14 counts. He tried, unsuccessfully, to run again in his riding in 1988 and finally left government for good. (or did he??).

The gist of Sinclair's website, Bloc-CPC Alliance is that there is a Stephen Harper/Gilles Duceppe alliance designed to promote the separatist movement and create provincial divisions within Canada.

Mr. Stevens has been quoted as saying he "wants to save Canada from these diabolical fiends who are hell bent on wrecking Canada".

You decide for yourself - are Mr. Sinclair's fears founded in truth or just more federalist rhetoric.


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