Saturday, May 28, 2005

Cause I'm the Taxman... yeah I'm the Taxman

I met up with John Carpay (Alberta Director) of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation the other day. He was still up to his old tricks.... trying to save the average Cdn a buck or two in taxes.

He was talking to me about spending control legislation necessity. Do you know that in Alberta, between 1996-2004, gov't program spending increased 90% to a whopping $24.2B from $12.7. All the while, the "Conservative" party was boasting about cutting waste, stopping uncontrolled spending (meanwhile increasing Alberta's inflation rate by 23%) and reducing gov't bureaucracy in an effort to clear the debt and balance the budget.

Boy, if that is fiscal conservatism, I must be just plain cheap.

Spending controls are a must have in all legislative branches, not just provincially. To purport that you are managing spending prudently, all the while raising program spending and doubling the size of gov't, is shameful management of hard working Cdns money. Period.

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