Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cadman Sells Out??

Well I was having a good day until I read this post about Chuck Cadman.

Call me cynical, but doesn't it seem odd that not less than 1 week after the budget vote, Irwin Cotler, Justice Minister, has stated that changes will be made to the victim's rights initiatives.

Here is an excerpt:

"Justice Minister Irwin Cotler has told independent MP Chuck Cadman he'll move forward with victims' rights initiatives after Cadman's vote saved the minority Liberal government from defeat last Thursday.
But the popular Surrey North MP, who has long argued that victims of violence should have a voice in the justice system, says there was no bargaining when he spoke with Cotler shortly after the NDP budget amendment -- the second of two non-confidence votes -- passed by a single vote.

"It was strictly off the cuff -- there was nothing asked for and nothing offered," Cadman said Monday from his Surrey home."

Off the cuff eh? Somehow I am finding this pill a little hard to swallow.


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