Friday, June 30, 2006

ACLU Sues Over Jesus' Picture

Astonishing story here.

No wonder we conservative folks call the ACLU the "Anti-Christian Lawyers' Union".

How on earth would they suddenly find a portrait of Jesus, which has hung on the wall of Bridgeport High School for three decades, while saying nothing at all about mandatory teaching of students to "be Muslims" at another school?

The ACLU clearly discriminates against Christians!

They do it all the time. I recommend banning them as a hate-propaganda organization. They should be shut down as if they were, say, a racist, terrorist or organized crime organization. Too bad that's easier said than done. Thanks, in part, to the lawyers of the ACLU.

Clearly, the left is hellbent on stomping all over both Judaism and Christianity while promoting Islam. What's wrong with these people? Do they have a death wish or something? Like jihadists do? What's up with the affinity of the left towards Islam and jihad? Are they brainwashed or just brainless?

Mohammad Shoves Lightbulb Up Butt

Story here. h/t:

Heh... a Muslim serving four years for making alcohol... caught with a bizarre object up his ass? Claims he just "woke up" with it there? Sure. Suuuure.

Heh... many Muslims are just like everyone else... they do dumb things to themselves and make up equally dumb stories to cover the little misfortune...


But... a lightbulb?! WTF was he thinking?! It could've broken up there! OUCH!

He better hope the clerics don't hear about what he did!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Is This Fair?

Here we have, on the one hand, a female teacher who went to jail for fooling around with her male teen student.

And here, on the other hand, we have a female teacher who avoided going to jail after being convicted of statutory rape of a female teen student.

Why the difference? Is homosexual statutory rape somehow less-criminal than heterosexual statutory rape?

I would recommend keeping an eye on the sentencing of adults who are found guilty of having sex with underage kids. Note the differences as we've seen in the above cases and draw your own conclusions over time.

What do you think? Are certain kinds of offenders getting off relatively scot-free relative to others?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Squirrel Fights Jihadists Too

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Oh, look! He's getting a little medal for valor! Must've swiped a jihadist's nuts!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Official Danish Apology to Muslims

(Click to enlarge... but the most important two words are very easy to read!)

Friday, June 16, 2006

First Kitty Gets Tossed ... And Adopted

"There are cameras everywhere, people walking by and peeking through the glassā€¦and living in the house with nine other cats is really getting on my nerves! I have no privacy, no free timeā€¦sometimes a cat just needs to be by herself."

So Belle (kitty in photo) got her wish and was booted from the show Big Brother for Kitties . Belle was up against some pretty stiff competition, as you can see from the profiles posted on the Meow Mix website which are sponsoring the reality TV series (see story below "Kitties Face Stiff Competition").

Who I am rooting for??? It's a toss up between Zen and Jo.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kitties Face Stiff Competition in New Reality Show

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Ten cats in search of owners will spend the next 10 days in a New York store window, their every move caught on camera for a reality TV show on which they will compete for best sleeper and mouse-catcher.

The show is the creation of a petfood company and will be shown on cable channel Animal Planet, as well as on the Web site where viewers will be asked to vote off one feline contestant each day.

The cats, chosen from shelters around the country, will compete for loudest purr, most prolific sleeper and who can catch the most toy mice. Kitties who get the boot will be adopted into permanent homes.

Meow Mix, owned by Del Monte Foods Company, hopes the show will promote cat adoption -- as well as their products, which will be the only thing on the menu.

Passerby taking a gander though a specially rented storefront on Madison Avenue in midtown Manhattan can watch the cats lazing about a luxuriously outfitted cat-sized house that includes scaled-down sofas, beds, a fish tank (with fake fish), kitchen and a porch, all put together by an interior designer.

"It's a Disney World for cats," said Meow Mix's Ryan Reed, in charge of ensuring the cats are well-cared for and well-behaved. Volunteers from The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are also on hand to attend to the needs of the kitty stars.

Enjoying their final day of obscurity on Monday, the cats seemed unfazed by attention from visiting media -- most of the cats were asleep on the set, which will be unveiled to the public on Tuesday.

A cat named Sam, from Dallas, Texas, stood guard on the home's welcome mat while Romeo, a Los Angeles native, lazily stretched out his six-toed paws before swatting a toy.

In the tradition of reality shows, the company will hire the top cat as "Feline Vice President of Research and Development," responsible for taste testing and product feedback.

Biographies of the cats play up their personalities, but in reality, they're all pretty mellow, if not a bit dazed from all the attention.

"In real life they're all very sweet," said Meow Mix's Keith Fernbach. "But we try to give them a personality for TV."

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fun Stuff Tuesday

Here are a few links to perk up your day:

Recycling is a good thing!

Amazing what a little bit of
plastic surgery and makeup can do for a gal.

Know what's scarier than
this guy? My daughter thinking he's "hot".

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" - Sir Winston Churchill.

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